Saturday, August 13, 2011

Robots put a million people out of work

Whilst I don’t think anyone is happy with the transfer of local jobs going overseas, if there is one gain in all the pain it may be the lost jobs being taken up overseas and help to move many millions of people out of poverty. It doesn’t help the person who loses the job locally, but on a global scale there is at least some gain for people worse off.

When I read the following article it makes me think is it really worth it.

iPad maker to replace 1 million staff with robots... Read More

We seem to be doing more and more using less and less people. This may be great for large companies to maximise their profits but it makes wonder in the long term how good this is for our society.

Already I’ve seen from my youth, where 20% of people went on to tertiary education, has now become close to 100% percentage going on to tertiary education because there are no jobs for younger people. Even then many of those who come out of tertiary education end up for a couple of years doing jobs we would have done in our teens.

I don’t know the answer but unless we recognise something is happening around us, we’ll never even know the question.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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