Monday, December 10, 2012

Alert: Mildura located in National Park according to Apple iOS6 mapping application.

I've noticed apple maps has tried to send me via a road which if I did, would be an illegal turn and another time, through a section of road which has been blocked off for decades to my knowledge, but Mildura in the middle of a National Park has warranted a warning by police.

Red pin is the location where Apple maps will lead drivers, where's the purple pin in the top right is where Mildura actually is, which is approximately 70km away.

Victorian police are concerned people using iOS6 map app could end up in a remote location on dirt roads and without water. As a result police has advised not to use Apple's mapping application.

My own experience was the Google map app on earlier versions of iOS had flaws so I would not rely solely on Apple's mapping applications.

Make sure you prepare appropriately and have appropriate travel aids as required. Sometimes low tech options such as printed maps make a good option.

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