Thursday, May 02, 2013

Alert: Theresa Andrews - Victoria Single Mom Makes $89,844/Yr in Her Spare Time on The Computer Without Selling Anything.

In a post a while ago I wrote about a Melbourne 'mom' who made income working from home which was a scam. An email received today by someone I know looked suspicous and had the same format.

Here is a link to my earlier post.

The recent email arrived with a single link (http: //www dot bridgetek dot com/site/jlarl.html) and another link in the subject which obviously didn't work. The link takes people to a site titled 'Finance Reports' and is designed to look like a CBC news daily site doing an interview on a successful home based business. The site is well presented but fake and possibly running on a hacked site.

I opened the link using a secure environment so you shouldn't do this on your normal computer. This is how scammers trick people into visiting a site and infecting their computer. In this case I suspect the aim is to scam gullible people or possibly gather their personal and credit card details.

How do you know the site is a scam?

Unfortunately I couldn't find any sites on the internet that indicated this was a scam, most likely because it is a new scam, or at least a variation on an old scam. In this case I took the photo from the site of Theresa Andrews and did an image search. The page had Theresa Andrews as being from Templestowe.

As a result of the image search I also found other pictures which were the same picture. A woman holding a baby. This time the person's name was Melissa Johnson who was from various places such as Mountain View California, Chicago and other places. A further search showed the photo was from the iStockPhoto site ( You can't get much more of a fake than that. I found the clue where the picture came from in a Facebook account which had the photo which is obviously a fake Facebook account.

If you receive a similar link contact the person you received it from. There is a good chance their email account (in this case Hotmail) has been hacked and they would probably appreciate knowing.

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