Friday, September 06, 2013

Alert: CNET mobile site compromised this morning with porn advertising.

This morning I check the newsfeed for a number of sites. Then unexpectedly as I clicked on the link to read the article on the CNET news site about "Linksys turns Wi-Fi up a notch with Smart Wi-Fi EA6900 router", the article appeared and then quickly disappeared to be presented with ad for porn. (The modesty editing is mine.)

It amazes me how easy it is for the nefarious to promote their material on the major media sites.

This is reminder to take caution with advertising which appears on web sites. I recently reported on scam work at home ads appearing from another media web site (International Business Times). I've seen people get scammed by clicking on ads on Google, so it is important that you take care with ads you see online and not assume that others have the necessary controls in place who are providing the ads.

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