Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Alert: High Quality 400gsm Business Cards - Print-AAMN - Australian Advertising & Marketing Network

Today I received a spam email with the subject 'High Quality 400gsm Business Cards' from 'Australian Advertising & Marketing Network'.
It is unusual for Australian businesses to use spam to promote their services which I think most people will feel is a good thing. Spamming is illegal in Australia and businesses which use the approach should be avoided. If a business is prepared to break the law to gain business it isn't a business you should use. In addition prices are listed plus GST, which again I believe is against the law.

I decide to check a couple of business card suppliers I've used in the past and the prices in the email are close to double I can get a thousand business cards elsewhere.

Don't purchase from spammers. There are plenty of good businesses out there that don't break the law to obtain business. If you find spammers based in Australia sending you unwanted emails you may wish to visit the government site

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