Sunday, May 04, 2014

JustLocal Book Project - Guidelines/Terms and Conditions

Help sell your book by working with other authors to help promote your book and taking advantage of the strong internet presence of JustLocal.


The JustLocal Book Project is a special JustLocal page. Instead of going to a postcode page, you enter 'book' as the postcode and you go to the book page. The book page has been designed to promote 180 books at any point in time written by Australian authors.

Each book has a graphic which links directly to the Amazon site where the book is being sold.

As a book is added to the book project all authors are notified of the new book.

Authors must have a site which they control and include a link from their site to

Authors must provide a short one to two paragraph overview of their book for promotion on the main JustLocal blog and for the email to all other authors.

Purpose of each of the above

The limit of 180 books is part of the design of JustLocal.

The link to the Amazon site enables a commission to be paid to support the book project. No other fees are charged to the author.

Authors add a link to the book page they control. This helps Google identify the book project page as an important resource worth sharing with others. The combined effort of all authors helps each author.

The short one to two paragraph overview of the book is used to add each book to the JustLocal blog. The JustLocal blog has a strong presence and this presence is used to generate sales for authors. The overview will be sent to all authors. Authors are known to have a propensity for purchasing books and this can provide early sales or referrals to people they know.


1. Authors must be Australian.

2. Authors must have a web page where they promote their book and add a link to This must be either the main page of a site, or a page connected to the man page. The link to the JustLocal Book Project must be in place before the book is added.

3. Authors must be selling their book on a site where an affiliate link is available. This is currently only Amazon, but other sites will be considered. The book must be set up in Amazon before it is promoted on the JustLocal Book Project page.

4. There is no cost to authors except for the affiliate commission generated by a sale.

5. Once all 180 spaces (called lots which are the white rectangles) are taken they are taken. There are no more. However once all lots are taken, at this point new authors are welcome to make an offer to buy out an author and the offer will be made available to all authors. If the offer is accepted, the new author will take the place of the previous author. The payment will be made direct to the author and the author is required to pay Online Connections a 30% commission for the sale.

6. I reserve the right to accept or reject a book for promotion and will not enter into any correspondence should a book be rejected. I will advise the author the book has not been accepted. If a book once accepted is found not to be suitable for any reason, I may at my discretion remove a book and no correspondence will be entered into.

7. At all times I retain the right to decide what is or isn't included on the book page. I retain the right to remove or add authors of my choice.

8. Free books will not be promoted by the JustLocal Book Project.

I retain the right to modify these conditions at any time.

The JustLocal Book Project is a unique concept to help authors promote and sell their book. I look forward to assisting authors in their endeavours and wish them the best with their passion.

Kelvin Eldridge

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