Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lock in unleaded petrol for 112.9

Just came back from Sydney and whilst there I wondered if the 7 Eleven app would allow me to lock in the price of petrol in Sydney. The price around the city using the app was 115.9, but I worked out if I waited until I reached the airport, the price would be 112.9.

Arrived at the airport, and about an hour before the plane was to leave, checked the price of petrol. Yes. The price was 112.9. Locked in the price for the next week. Sure beats the local prices in the mid 130- 140 range.

Never expected I'd be able to take advantage of the different petrol price cycles in Sydney and Melbourne. A very pleasant surprise.

If you're travelling around Melbourne, or even interstate, make sure you check the price of petrol and take advantage of the large discounts that may be available using the 7 Eleven app.

Kelvin Eldridge

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