Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disposable email addresses

Today I received a request from a person using a disposable email address. My belief is it is completely their right to use a disposable email address. That is their choice. However what I do is then my choice.

In Australia we have excellent anti-spam laws, and in general, most Australian business I have dealt with that have sent spam either don't generally realise they are breaking the anti-spam laws, or at a minimum, immediately remove your details when asked. Australians are generally a good bunch and this shows with spam. From my measurements less than 1% of spam originates from Australia. I actually suspect some of that spam may come from infected computers but those will be generalised marketing material and not a specific directed email request. Around 99% of spam comes from overseas.

All email sent from me are to people who have given me their email address either in person, or by providing the information via a form or email. I make no exception. I use no third party lists. If you ask me to remove your details I will immediately delete your details from my database and send an email thanking you for taking the time to let me know what I do isn't of interest to you.

If I receive an email from someone using a disposable email address I take the attitude they don't value what I do enough to provide bona fide details. They simply haven't spent a moment to check out the information I provide on the site. In that case I simply delete the email. If someone doesn't respect what I do and value my time and effort. I am extremely appreciative of the time and effort people give to me and I try to show as much respect as I can. I only ask others to treat me in the same way.

If I receive an email from any of the following domains (and any others I identify as businesses providing disposable email addresses) then I apologise in advance that you won't receive a response. I still respect your right to choose and I do appreciate your reasons for your choice. I only ask you respect me right to choose not to respond.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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  1. Today I received another request for a user using a disposable email address. The person entered their details as a person from the United States, but interestingly they were located in Russia.

    Most of the disposable email services promote they are assisting users from businesses who spam, but from this email it appears others may use such services for nefarious purposes.

    When using a disposable email service you should ask yourself, what is the company gaining by providing such a service? I suspect there is always a reason and often it will be commercial. Look for advertising or links to others sites on the page which will probably provide further insight.

    For Australians using Australian sites if you ask for your details to be removed from their mailing list I've found Australian sites to be very good. I wouldn't however suggest entering your details on overseas sites. Even well known companies can be a pain with marketing material.

    If a company asks for your email address and you aren't happy to provide it, then simply find another site that provides what you want. There are always alternatives. You don't have to and shouldn't have to resort to underhanded tactics. That doesn't help you and it doesn't foster a better internet.

    - Kelvin


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