Thursday, October 10, 2019

Aldi Onix dashcam a waste of money.

A dashcam can be very handy. When there's an event that's happened you can go back and review the event. However, that doesn't work with the Aldi Onix dashcam because when it deletes older files to make more room, it doesn't delete the oldest first as expected. In fact you'll find there doesn't appear to be any logic to which files are deleted.

The following is a list of files on the SD card in the Aldi dashcam today.

I was interested in the recordings for the 23rd of September 2019. As you can see there's only one recording for a single journey. On that day there were three journeys with perhaps more recordings as recordings are for a time slice of five minutes and not the entire single journey.

Just to make sure the dashcam is recording all of the trip, I checked today's journeys and all of the journeys were recorded, so there's no reason to feel the dashcam isn't recording the journeys.

For the previous day not all the journeys had been recorded. Some at the beginning of the day had been deleted.

I think we'd all expect older recordings would be deleted first to make room for new recordings, but this isn't happening with the Aldi Onix dashcam.

A second issue (although not as important) is the packaging for the Aldi Onix dashcam has a clear night-time picture on the box. The Aldi Onyx dashcam has no ability to take night-time pictures. A night time feature isn't mentioned on the box but the packaging could mislead people to think the dashcam can work at night. It does work at night, but you don't get anything you could use.

A third issue which is very important is the quality of the images. A car in a shopping centre damaged the side of my car when it left. I had the number plate details of the car caught on the dashcam, but the quality was so poor number plate was not able to be read.

In hindsight, at the time of buying I felt the Aldi Onix dashcam was good value. However, if the dashcam doesn't provide what you need when it's needed, then really it isn't very good.

I'd suggest giving the Aldi Onix dashcam a miss.

Kelvin Eldridge

Friday, September 27, 2019

Compound interest calculator shows the impact of tax and the Medicare Levy on savings.

We're always told with investments, you can't beat the effect of compound interest. With compound interest you earn interest on your interest. The calculators you find online can all show the benefit of compound interest, but what they don't show, is just how much impact taxes can have on the end result. Even the government's ASIC Moneysmart site doesn't include the option to enter a tax rate.
The Compound Interest Calculator shows quite clearly the impact of taxes on your savings and depending in the interest rate, can make quite a significant difference to the end savings.
For example:

Initial amount: $10,000
Interest rate: 5%
Number of years: 10

End result: $16,470
Interest: $6,470

Now let's enter 32.5% and Medicare Levy of 2%.

End result: $13,904
Interest: $3,904

The impact on your savings due to taxes is very significant giving just 60% of the interest that could otherwise be made if the government didn't take taxes each year. If taxes were taken out at the end of the period, the interest earned would be $4,237, or about 8.5% more.

For those interested extend the time out to 30 years and you can really see the difference taxes make.
Generally compound interest calculators aren't particularly useful in the real world because they don't take into account the government needs to collect taxes. The Compound Interest Calculator provides a better estimate of the return on your investment that ends up in your pocket.

Kelvin Eldridge
Compound Interest Calculator

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Petrol Price Alert - Petrol prices have unexpectedly gone even higher at 171.9 cents per litre for unleaded.

Recently I wrote a post to let people know petrol prices were on the increase. However, I have to say I've never seen this before, even as prices at those first stations to lift prices started to drop, we've seen prices go even higher. The petrol price hike looked like it was going to go to 167.9 but now a number of petrol stations have put prices up to 171.9.

The average gate price(think wholesale) today was 130.7 so this price has also increased 1.2 cents. That doesn't explain the additional 4 cent jump. As a consumer you can only think this is taking advantage of the hype recently in the media with the Saudi Arabia oil plant being bombed.

What will happen in the future is hard to say but the media is conditioning people to expect higher prices and since we're expecting it, it will probably happen.

There's still time to shop around so it's hard to tell if prices from now will go up fairly quickly or whether some will hold back. Certainly paying 171.9 when you can currently pay 126.5-129.9 elsewhere doesn't make much sense.

Now I'm not an economist but what I find interesting is higher petrol prices have an impact on inflation. I read a 10 cent increase in petrol gives a 0.6% increase in inflation. Since we're seeing that an more recently with the petrol price hikes, higher than expected inflation appears to reduce the chances of an interest rate drop. It is amazing how all these things seem connected. For the consumer all we see is higher prices in one area.

Keep a close eye on petrol prices over the coming days. Don't forget to lock in using the 7 Eleven Fuel App to keep prices low for another week.

Kelvin Eldridge
Petrol Prices Melbourne

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Petrol Price Alert - Prices around Melbourne have started to increase to 167.9 but dropped to 166.9.

A couple of days ago I noticed a couple of petrol stations around Melbourne had increased their prices to 167.9. Today some of those petrol stations have dropped their price to 166.9.

The current average gate price (think wholesale) of unleaded petrol is 129.5 so we're seeing a price increase of 35-40 cents. This price hike range has now occurred for the last few price hikes which is higher than the 25-30 cent price hike seen over the past few years.

The media has also reported the drone bombing of Saudi Arabia's biggest oil plant and it's been suggested prices may go up as a result. Prices were already on their way up before the bombing occurred so this may add additional pressure to oil prices.

How quickly petrol prices will rise is hard to tell as we approach the next school holiday period, since it's still around two weeks away.

Time to keep on eye on petrol prices over the coming week to two weeks.

Kelvin Eldridge
Petrol Prices Melbourne

Friday, September 13, 2019

Is your variable rate home loan with mortgage offset account costing you more than a fixed rate home loan?

I suspect more of us when we get a home loan look at the fixed rate and variable rate and make a pretty quick decision for one or the other. Variable even though it currently has a higher rate but have an offset account to save money, or fixed because it saves money now.

Of course the big one is which way are interest rates going to go in the near future (1-2 years) and if they're going to go up, fixing the rate is a good idea, but if they're going to go down, variable is a good idea or is it?

When I wrote the Fixed vs Variable loans calculator I recently released, the first version of the calculator only went as far as showing how much money was needed in the offset account to recover the difference of the lower fixed interest rate. That in itself required understanding the financial calculations and formulas, even going back to basics to work out the formula.

However the problem is this solution was incomplete. It assumes the money in the mortgage offset account isn't otherwise generating any interest. That's not realistic. If you have a reasonable sum of money it should be in an account earning interest. In addition each year you need to pay tax on that interest.

So the question really is, how much do you need in the mortgage offset account to not only cover the fixed and variable interest rate difference, but also how much to cover any interest the money would otherwise earn in an interest bearing account, whilst also taking into account tax and the Medicare Levy?

The Fixed vs Variable loans calculator has now been updated to handle the complete picture. By entering the savings interest rate, tax and Medicare Levy, the calculator provides how much is required in the mortgage offset account taking in all those factors.

I have to admit even I wasn't expecting the amount to be as large as it is. If people don't take this into account many people will be paying more for their loan than even they think they are. In a way this is deceptive on the part of the banks. Banks aren't informing people how much they really need in their mortgage offset accounts.

This reminds me of the days when people were buying items just to get rewards points, where the cost of the items often meant they were wasting money since the points had such low value.

I certainly had no idea of how much money really is needed in the mortgage offset account to break even. Now at least people can be better informed by using the calculator.

The only remaining issue is whether interest rates will go up or down. A small change in the rates can have a huge impact on the break-even point.

I hope others find the Fixed vs Variable loans calculator to be useful. If you have a home loan you really should plug in your figures and see if there's a better option for you.

Kelvin Eldridge
Fixed vs Variable loans calculator

Monday, September 09, 2019

Fixed vs Variable Home Loan - How much is needed in a mortgage offset account to break even?

Currently the fixed interest rate on home loans is lower than the variable interest rate. It makes sense then to take out the fixed interest rate doesn't it?

Well the answer isn't quite that simple.

When you first take out the loan it may make sense. People won't have much in the way of savings. However it really depends on how much people have left in savings. Variable rate loans often include a nice feature called a mortgage offset account. When you put money into the mortgage offset account the interest on your mortgage is calculated on the balance of the mortgage less the amount of money in the offset account. The best part is it's tax free. If you put the same money in an interest bearing account you'd get taxed on any interest earned every year plus you have to pay the Medicare Levy. Not so with a mortgage offset account.

So the answer to this question really is how much money do you need in your mortgage offset account to break even. This isn't a simple calculation so I decided to write the Fixed vs Variable Loans calculator to provide the answer.

It may sound strange, but if you have some savings, the variable interest rate loan may be the better option even thought the rate is higher. Give the calculator a go and see what is best for you.

Kelvin Eldridge 

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Centrelink PDF upload error - Unexpected error happend. Please try again later. Error code - undefined

If you're trying to upload a PDF document to Centrelink and receive the error message: "Unexpected error happend. Please try again later. Error code - undefined", the following may help.

This type of error has been occurring for years. Not sure why, but it can be frustrating when you're trying to upload a document. If the document is a single page document that can be viewed on a computer screen the following tip may help.

To get around the "Unexpected error..." you can try to convert your PDF file to an image file. The image file can then be uploaded and this has worked.

Convert the PDF document into a PNG graphic file as follows.

Open the PDF document either using your browser or Acrobat PDF Reader. Other PDF readers may also work.

Enlarge the document to full-screen mode. That is you can only see the document and it takes up the entire screen. You may also wish to rotate the document so the document takes up more of the screen and the information is larger. For example if you have an A4 document rotating the document may give a better result.

Press PrtSc to perform a print screen (this captures an image of the screen into the clipboard)

Open Microsoft Paint

Paste the captured image into Paint (use the Paste option or Control+V)

Save the image as a PNG file

Now you can upload the file to Centrelink.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Pia's Survivor challenge. What really happened.

I read the following article about Pia on the Survivor challenge and how she may have grab the bar with both hands before the end of the challenge meaning she would have been disqualified.

Luckily for Pia it appears no one at the time realised what she had done. The production company indicated there was a micro second when Pia grabbed the bar with two hands and Luke let go. However this really isn't what happened at all.

The good thing about the video in the following article on is you can grab the slider and drag the video backwards and forwards.

What actually happened is Simon lets go and starts sliding. He is out of the challenge. Pia then grabs the bar with both hands whilst Luke continues to hold on. We watch Simon slide off the equipment and into the water, then the camera returns to Luke and Pia. We can clearly see Pia holding with both hands and Luke holding on with one hand. Luke then lets go and Pia is declared the winner.

Pia was not struggling and I suspect that was because of her light weight. She most likely could have easily continued and won. In this case however she breached the rules and should have been disqualified. Luck was on her side and her breach wasn't noticed.

13s - Simon lets go of bar
14s - Pia holds on to bar
15s - Luke lets go of bar

For those into Survivor and wanting to know what happened, hopefully this answers the question as to what happened.

Kelvin Eldridge

Friday, August 30, 2019

Nearest train station, nearest Vline train station, nearest tram stop moving to Mapz.

After reviewing the Nearest Train Station site (which contains nearest Vline train stations and nearest tram stop) I''ve decided to migrate the Nearest Station site into the Mapz site. By making train, Vline and Tram stop locations available under the Mapz site this makes the sites easier to find for users. It also makes the Vline and Tram information more obvious.

You can find each of the services at:

Nearest Train Station
Nearest Vline Train Station
Nearest Tram Stop

Alternatively you can visit Mapz and select the services from the list of options.

Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Car running cost calculator and cost to run per kilometre over the first 10 years.

The Car Running Cost Calculator has been really good in helping me get a handle on using the car versus options such as using public transport. By clicking on the example button in the calculator the actual costs over 10.38 years are provided. By adjusting these figures others can also get a handle on how much their car is costing them per kilometre.

Now one thing came to mind and that was, what if people sell a car sooner. How does that affect their cost per kilometre?

Whilst not scientific, the first thing I needed was an estimate of how much a car drops in value from the day you purchase it. One site gave a figure of 24% in the first year and then 6% each year after that. I thought that was a good figure as it roughly corresponds to what my car was worth after 10 years.

I took the figures my example data provided and then divided the number of kilometres by 10.38 to give my yearly travel distance of 13,627 km per year. I left all the figures for each year the same with the only change being the residual value of my car. I plugged this information into a spreadsheet and obtained two interesting figures.

The first was the effect of the high depreciation in the first year and then the straight line 6% drop in value each year after that. In years 14 and 15 the car would go negative so I entered a notional value of $500 which I consider the car would then be worth. Maybe more, maybe less, but at least I have something to work with. This figure isn't about getting rid of the car at an earlier year, but shows me the cost per kilometre assuming I keep the car for a long time and there's not major unexpected costs.

Year 1: 88 cents per kilometre
Years 2-13: 42 cents per kilometre
Year 14: 33 cents per kilometre
Year 15: 27 cents per kilometre

What is good about these results is you can quickly see after the first year, my car is costing me roughly 42 cents per kilometre. It should be noted I didn't finance the car and used savings to purchase the car. That meant I did lose some interest on the money that I haven't factored in. Over the 10 years I'd estimate this to be around 2-3 cents per kilometre.

Let's now look at what I was really after. What is the cost per kilometre and how is it affected by disposing of the car earlier.

Year 1: $2.22 / km
Year 2: $2.06 / km
Year 3: $1.91 / km
Year 4: $1.76 / km
Year 5: $1.60 / km
Year 6: $1.44 / km
Year 7: $1.29 / km
Year 8: $1.14 / km
Year 9: 98 cents / km
Year 10: 83 cents / km
Year 11:  68 cents / km
Year 12: 52 cents / km
Year: 13: 37 cents / km
Year 14: 30 cents / km
Year 15: 30 cents / km

When you look at these figures you really can't help but be amazed at how much per kilometre it costs if you turn over your car regularly.

A few factors to consider when comparing your costs to mine are that my car was more expensive than the average car at around $35,000. Being a small people mover (possibly heavier) it means my cost of fuel may also be higher. I also drive only around 14,000 km a year which is under the average. Those who drive a lot bring their cost per kilometre down quicker. Basically by driving more you spread your fixed costs (registration, insurance and the cost of the car) over more kilometres each year.

For example a lower cost car costing around $25,000 and using say 80% of the petrol and driving twice as far a year would almost halve the cost per kilometre if the car was kept over a long period of time. In terms of disposal the cost per kilometre would be around 89 cents per kilometre in the first year dropping by 6 cents per kilometre per year after that.

I hope others find this information and the Car Running Cost Calculator useful for them.

Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Petrol Price Alert Melbourne - Unleaded petrol increasing to 165.9.

Last Thursday saw the first signs of the current petrol price hike. Over a few days only a small number of petrol stations increased their prices so I felt it best not to make the announcement at that point in time as the price increase was happening slowly. Letting people know too early means they can jump the gun and get petrol too early in the price hike part of the cycle.

The petrol price hike is now well under way and the price is hiking to around 165.9 for unleaded petrol.

In the last couple of months we've seen the petrol price hike increase prices by over 35 cents per litre above the gate price (think average wholesale) which is currently 129.0. For the last couple of years the price hike has been between 25-30 cents so we're now consistently seeing  higher margins on petrol  which is a concern, but not much we can do about it. Except of course, avoid the high prices as best you can.

We can expect the current price hike will result in most of the service stations increasing their prices by late this week, to early next week.

My tank is literally on empty so I've timed this top up well. For those using the 7 Eleven Fuel App keep an eye on the 7 Eleven Fuel prices and lock in a price in a few days time. Remember you can be driving around Melbourne, using public transport, or even be interstate (I once locked in a price in Sydney whilst sitting on the aeroplane) and if there's a cheaper price, you can lock that in and top up, up to seven days later. It's a good way to give you that extra boost on a lower petrol price and take you closer to when prices have dropped considerably.

For example petrol prices drop from the highest to the lowest over about a month. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Let's say you fill up weekly. If you fill up just as the price has nearly peaked at a low priced petrol station, that's the first week of petrol. Using the 7 Eleven Fuel app to get the cheaper price one week later, that takes you to the end of the second week. At this point the petrol will have dropped by around half the price hike, or between 10-20 cents per litre. For a 50 litre tank that means you're saving around 35 cents per litre in the first week, around 25 cents in the second week giving a saving of around $30 which adds up to around $390 a year (13 x 4 weeks). Then shop around in the  third week as there can be quite a difference as prices have spread out and you're likely to save around 10 cents a litre saving another $65 a year. Then you're ready to fill up again when the price is low. A possible saving of $400-$500 a year per car just by knowing when petrol prices are hiking.

Kelvin Eldridge

UPDATE: 27/08/2019
I thought I'd point out a couple of interesting things that's happening with the current petrol price hike.

The first is how incredibly slow the price hike is occurring. It's around a week and a half since the first petrol stations started to hike their prices. Why I can't be sure, but perhaps it's because the Victorian school holidays are around three and a half weeks away and hiking the price too early means prices are going down when people fill up for holidays.

The second observation is whilst some petrol stations are hiking to 165.9, since there's been a delay, some are now hiking to 155.9. That means there's already a 10 cents per litre price difference in the market. As of today there's still around 20 per cent of petrol stations selling at the old low price so there's still time to fill up at the lower price. There's also a few 7 Eleven petrol stations offering the lower price that you can still lock in, but they are spread out.

It will be interesting to see what happens as we approach the school holidays.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Pension Age Calculator web app now available.

In keeping with things that take my interest I recently wrote the Pension Age Calculator to help people determine when they'll reach pension age.

Normally knowing pension age is very simple. It used to be 65 years of age. However at the current time the pension age is gradually being increased to 67 years of age. At one point it was mooted this may go to 70, however that is not currently the case.

To help people know when they will reach pension age I wrote the Pension Age Calculator.

I hope you find it useful.

Kelvin Eldridge

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Pines Shopping Centre car park slippery and dangerous in the wet.

Recently I was returning to my car with a younger person at The Pines Shopping Centre. It had been raining but now the weather was fine. As I walked I stepped onto the driving direction arrow on the road and thought that felt pretty slippery. The next moment the younger person next to me did the splits and down they went.

Getting older this type of fall can really hurt and if you do your back, shoulder, or the many other parts that seem to give more issues as you get older.

I can't help feeling the arrows on the road now seem to be more slippery in the past. I don't know why. I do think however The Pines Management should rethink the material used for the arrows. A non-slip material should be a must.

The Pines Management have allocated the parking bays near these arrows reserved for the elderly, and a fall at that stage of your life, can lead to fatal complications.

It really isn't good enough to use material on roads that make them slippery in the wet, but more so if the road is used as a shared walkway as they are in shopping centre car parks.

Kelvin Eldridge

Saturday, August 10, 2019

New site called Taste Test -

Sometimes you just have to do it. Our family has fun at get-togethers participating in a taste test. These taste tests can be quite informative. It's interesting to see what people prefer the most and how different, or the same, people can be.

I decided to start a site where I share our taste test results. Perhaps it will interest others, perhaps not. Either way the information is available for those who find it interesting.


Kelvin Eldridge

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mobile speed camera locations Melbourne and Victoria.

A while ago I created a website which provides the locations of fixed red light and speed cameras ( The Victorian government also provides the location of approved mobile speed camera locations, so I decided today to add an additional page listing the mobile speed camera locations.

You can find the list at

I hope you'll find the page useful.

Kelvin Eldridge

Friday, July 19, 2019

Petrol price alert: Melbourne prices rising to 167.9

Tonight I noticed a number of petrol stations raising the price of unleaded petrol to 167.9 or slightly less. This is to be expected as prices have dropped to around the gate price (think wholesale) which is currently 132.6 and a large proportion of petrol stations around Melbourne are under the 130 mark. Prices are again rising around 35 cents which is much more than the 25-30 cents seen over the last couple of years. Perhaps this is the new norm.

It's also now a week after school holidays and many people will be filling up again after filling up at the end of the school holidays. Perhaps it's just coincidence, but prices in the past week have fallen much faster than usual to have the low correspond to this weekend. I'll let you be the judge.

Time again to watch the petrol prices and watch 7 Eleven prices if you're locking in the fuel price using the 7 Eleven fuel app.

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Woolworths Petrol deal with BP falls through, but new deal with Caltex struck.

I was looking forward to the Woolworths/BP deal but as we've seen, that appears to have been canned by the ACCC. All's good though as the Woolworths Group has entered into a new long term agreement with Caltex. More information on the news can be found using the following link.

One benefit of this new agreement for consumers is another 125 Caltex sites will be participating in the Woolworths Rewards scheme. Caltex fuel prices especially with the discount voucher have shown to be competitive over the years so hopefully this helps consumers manage their fuels costs.

Kelvin Eldridge

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Alert: Melbourne petrol prices starting to hike to 155.9 - 165.9

Petrol prices in Melbourne appear to be going up, however what they are going up to isn't quite clear.

In Templetstowe the 7 Eleven is 155.9, but in Clarinda the 7 Eleven is 165.9. That's a huge difference. Either way as we approach the school holidays it does appear petrol prices are on the rise.

The current gate price (think wholesale) is 124.4 cents per litre for unleaded petrol. The petrol price usually increases by 25 -30 cents per litre, so unless wholesale petrol prices are rising quickly (and there's no evidence of that), we can expect prices to rise to around 150-155. Higher and that would be the highest jump I've seen since writing these blog posts. That would certainly be a money grab by the petrol retailers.

Time to keep an eye on petrol prices as we approach the school holidays.

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cycling incident with ute near Main Ridge Mornington Peninsula leaves many questions.

Yesterday I read an article on the which had a video of a ute overtaking a group of cyclists only to shortly after overtaking turn into a a property causing a number of cyclists to be in an accident.

I read articles like this as I like to understand an improve my driving skills and my very basic riding skills.

The article was well written and simply report the information provided. It did not make a judgement on who was in the right or wrong. The person reporting the incident, known as Clint, appears to be one of the riders. The location was not provided except that it was in the Main Ridge Mornington Peninsula area. The time of the incident was during a weekday morning ride. Whilst it is hard to read the date/time stamp looks like it is Mar 29 or May 29 at 10:35. At the news article is dated May 29 at 8:35am, this must have been in March.

The headline "Cyclists slam ute driver after accident" was written leading one to feel this was a ute driver at fault which plays into the cyclist versus cars mentality, which reinforces the us and them argument.

What is also interesting is to read the comments and whilst I admit I don't know all the road rules, so I'm like everyone else, some of the comments show people getting the road rules wrong.

Watching the video the ute driver was not considerate of other road users. Around five seconds after overtaking the riders, the ute driver turns into a property.

The first question I have is has the ute driver done anything wrong. Whilst we may not like a car overtaking us and then making us slow down immediately afterwards, I don't think that is illegal. Yes rude, but that's what people can be like.

It appears from the video the ute driver's indicator isn't on whilst overtaking, or moving back into the left lane. However, when the ute driver turns into the driveway, the indicator does appear to be on.

After overtaking a single white line divides the road. The ute driver has returned to the left lane before the single white line appears. The ute driver turns right over the single white lane into a property, which as I read, is legal.

The ute driver's driving would thus appear to be legal, although for many it may be considered rude, but that's not illegal.

There is a group of eight cyclists travelling together. The leading two cyclists have  time to slow and stop as the ute turns into the property. A voice is heard calling out wait, wait, indicating an issue.

At this point the outside cyclist in the second row loses control and falls off their bike. This causes the inside cyclist in the second row to lose control. The third row of cyclists avoid the two fallen cyclists. The rider taking the video in the fourth row who appears to move left and right in the lane indicating the fourth row may be staggered, then loses control and falls.

The rider taking the video has around three seconds warning from the wait, wait alert to when the second rider has fallen blocking their path causing them to lose control.

According to the article, "The abrupt move led to two cyclists crashing as they were forced to slam on their brakes to avoid running into the back of the vehicle." This doesn't appear to be correct. The two cyclists in front had stopped so the two that fell had to break to avoid running into the two stopped cyclists.

Clint uses word's such as deliberate which imply to me as a reader the driver deliberately meant to interfere with the riders. This may not have been the case. Yes their action was deliberate to turn into their driveway.

Clint states the car didn't have to merge back in front of them before turning into the driveway. Clint's suggestion for the ute would mean the ute would probably be breaking the law by driving on the wrong side of the road (divided by a white line) and turning incorrectly from the wrong lane.

Client states the driver was more interested in arguing, however from the gesture of the first rider's arm held up in the air and body turned toward the ute, you could only assume the driver would be entering into a heated situation.

In the comment section a person states the cyclists were riding two abreast which is illegal in Victoria. Riding two abreast is not illegal in Victoria.

When I look at this video I see two problems. A driver of a ute who is not considerate of other road users. A group of riders who are travelling too close together that would enable them to safely stop if they have to.

Until reading this article I thought there was a road rule that said if I left the road turning into private property I had to give way to other road users. I took that to mean road users behind me. I decided to read the road rules and I could not find anywhere where people who turn into private property have to consider road users behind them. Yes to pedestrians and other vehicles they have to give way to, but that's not vehicles behind them.

Was the driver's driving style illegal I don't know. We see driving like that all the time on our roads were people speed ahead just to block the traffic and turn at the next intersection.

Whilst the cyclists may not be happy, as soon as the vehicle has overtaken and is in front of them, if the vehicle puts their indicator on to turn for a sufficient period of time, the cyclists should slow down and stop if necessary.

According to Clint the riders had been travelling at 35 to 40 km/h. This speed is not insignificant. The close formation riding is a concern. The video shows the riders in front whilst inconvenienced had no problems stopping. The riders following had significant issues stopping and in three cases ran into serious issues possibly causing injury.

The problem for the riders, apart from the action of a driver, is they weren't travelling at a safe distance from each other which would enable them to stop safely if required.

Perhaps it's time for peloton style of riding to be reviewed on our roads. If riders need to train peloton style, then perhaps additional safety controls should be put into place. We may not like it, and cyclists certainly won't, but people's safety is important. None of us like giving up anything, but this happens all the time in our society, so hopefully our society works better together.

Kelvin Eldridge

PS. This video has been posted on YouTube (

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Alert: Petrol prices on the rise in Melbourne. Prices hiking to 167.9 cents per litre.

On Saturday night I noticed the first petrol stations increasing the price of unleaded petrol to 167.9. Before sending out an alert I like to wait until a few more petrol stations increase their prices. I've seen petrol stations jump the gun before to later drop their prices again.

It's now Monday night and more petrol stations have increased their prices to 167.9. The current gate price is 134.9, so the increase is in the expected range of 25-30 cents above the gate price.

On the weekend I was passing through the Dandenong area where prices were very good. I was able to use the 7/11 Fuel app to lock in the price of 131.7 cents per litre for unleaded petrol. The lowest prices in my area were around 137.9 so even with discounts vouchers, the 131.7 was still a better price and it meant I could fill up when my tank was lower.

Over the next few days we can expect petrol prices to head upwards as we approach the weekend. Time to keep an eye on prices and if you're using the 7/11 Fuel app, be ready to lock in at the right time.

Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Blood Alcohol Calculator merged into Standard Drink Calculator.

Looking for the Blood Alcohol Calculator web app but can't find it.

The Blood Alcohol Calculator has now been merged into the Standard Drink Calculator site. The menus in the Standard Drink Calculator haven't changed, as the Blood Alcohol Calculator has always been the Multiple option on the menu. The Multiple option previously linked to an external site (Blood Alcohol Calculator) whereas now that external site has been incorporated as a page on the Standard Drink Calculator.

Whilst it's always a gamble to change a site by either splitting a site out to separate sites, or to bring together similar sites into one, it is hoped that by having the multiple sites together, this makes it easier for people to find the functionality of the calculators. This is part of my approach to keep testing and tuning sites. To find what works and what doesn't work. If it works more people get the opportunity to benefit from the calculators.

Kelvin Eldridge

Duracell battery leaked damaging souvenir.

Over the years you build up brand loyalty and one such product are batteries. We all know and expect cheap batteries, if you don't take care, can potentially leak.

Today I read an article on The Age site where the writer shared their story of their Duracell batteries leaking. The responses from Duracell really wasn't a good look good for Duracell.

I'd also had similar experiences with Duracell batteries. Another family member recently had souvenir clock that didn't work and when I checked the clock, this is what I found.

Now I'm sure most of us have been in this situation. An old toy, a remote control, devices left sitting and forgotten for some time, only to find the battery has leaked. Yes we should have removed the batteries, but you only realise when you go to use the device and the device doesn't work. The news isn't good.

As long as the corrosion from the battery acid isn't too great, I usually clean up the terminals and then with a cotton bud use a solution of water and baking soda mixed to a paste to neutralise any remaining acid. Sometimes however, the corrosion has been so bad the terminals have rusted and break off.

At some point in the past I really felt Duracell had such a good reputation and believed their batteries didn't leak. Well the reputation with regards to batteries not leaking well and truly busted and extra care is required when using Duracell batteries.

I did a search on the internet for Energizer battery leaked to see what came up. I was quite surprised to see Energizer offers a no leak guarantee and repair of your device if damaged by leakage. However it's important to read the fine print. The Energizer batteries (excluding lithium) are  only covered for 1-2 years following the full use of the battery. I don't know about you, but if I pack an item away the batteries are not fully used and there's no way for me to know when the battery has been fully used. If I knew the battery was fully used, I'd have removed the battery and disposed them. This guarantee also probably doesn't apply to Australia.

I then searched for Energizer Australia. There's no Australian site for Energizer, but there is a site that covers Asia, which I suspect also covers Australia. In the terms and conditions for Energizer Australia Pty Limited there's no mention of a no leak guarantee. No mention of damage to your appliance.

It would appear both Duracell and Energizer really don't offer any peace of mind to consumers. What's important to accept is probably any battery can leak and damage your devices. It's important then you take appropriate precautions such as checking the use by date. Removing batteries before you put items away, or if you're not using them regularly.

It's not just devices you put away. I've found myself using a TV remote control day after day for the remote control to just stop working. Then on opening the remote control the batteries have been found to have leaked. One set of kitchen scales I was using slipped out of my hand onto the bench and stopped working. On opening the scales I found the batteries were corroded. The device only stopped working because the bump caused the good contact to be lost. I would not have expected to see leaked and corroded batteries in a device that was still working.

I already remove batteries from devices I'm not using for a while, if I remember. In future however I will also be checking to make sure the use by dates of batteries have not expired, even if the batteries are still working.

Hopefully these thoughts may help others.

Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Google ads appearing over site content making it impossible to use the site.

I've noticed recently Google ads appearing over sections of pages on my sites that means it's no longer possible to enter data into the fields making it impossible to use the page. This is only occurring on mobile sites to my knowledge.

If you find pages on my sites where Google ads are damaging the user experience (such that you can't enter information into the forms) please let me know and I'll temporarily remove or replace the ads.

This appears to be a recent change by Google. I've never seen this happen before and it's only started to happen recently. When the Google ads appear they should simply take up space. Instead they appear over the content of the page and that makes it impossible to see what is now under the ad. This is obviously a recent flaw in Google's programming and hopefully they'll realise and correct the issue.

The issue with Google ads affects pages with forms where the Google ad is above the form and the person is using a mobile device.

Please contact me using the details on the Contact page if you find a problem. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Kelvin Eldridge

Update: 14/05/2019
A quick solution to ads covering the page is to click on the X in the corner of the ad. Then click on the option to Stop Seeing This Ad. There's options then for the reason you're closing the ad and one option is the ad is covering content. Not all ads are a problem, but getting rid of the ads that cause a problem may flag a problem. If lots of people close problem ads you would hope it may get noticed. That should fix the immediate issue for a user, but of course doesn't fix the issue if people don't know this is an option.

Update: 16/05/2019
The quick solution mentioned previously is useful to clear the screen temporarily, but the ads often keep coming back, so the problem keeps occurring. For me the way I'll work around this issue, as there's no telling how long it will keep happening, is on web pages that can be used on mobiles, where there's a form that will get blocked by an ad overlaying the form, I'll remove those ads and replace them with a different ad that does not impact the form. You could also simply delete the ad, or alternately, instead of using a responsive ad use a fixed size ad instead.

Update: 20/05/2019
I found through further reading it is possible to limit the height of the response adsense ad, so today I decided to create a new size limited ad and test the result. I used the following code in the adsense code, but modified to take into account the maximum width of the web pages I have. This code was found in the Adsense help pages.


Unfortunately it didn't work. Some ads had a height which was much greater then 90px. The good outcome however it looks like Google may have fixed the issue, or at least made it better. In general when I went to type into the form the larger ad was replaced with a shorter ad and the fields were not covered by the ads. On one occasion the was a huge amount of white vertical space, so Google's code is still not perfect, but appears to work most of the time.

Unless something unexpected occurs it looks like I can return to using the standard responsive code from Adsense.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Car versus bus. Which is more cost effective? The Car versus Public Transport calculator provides the answer.

Yesterday I met a friend at Eastland Shopping Centre. Before I left home I'd done a calculation comparing the cost of using a car versus the cost of using a bus. Ignoring time because frankly if you take time into account you'd probably never use a bus, and in this case the extra time taken didn't overly affect my day.

Here is my calculation for using a bus or car from Templestowe to Ringwood.

Not a huge saving at $2.88 each way, but more than enough to pay for the coffee I had. Also since it was cheaper using the bus I feel like I'll get a greater use out of my car which is a large investment, if I use it when the car is the most cost effective mode of transport.

Whilst sitting having that coffee (which in effect had already been paid for) I did the same calculation for my friend who had driven from Warranwood to Ringwood. It turned out my friend by driving had taken the most cost effective mode of transport also saving 18 cents each way, but possibly more since I'd use an estimate of 30 cents per kilometre. My friend's car uses gas and cost less, so there's a good change I've over estimated the cost per kilometre.

The Car versus Public Transport calculator is quite handy in answering the question is it cheaper to use public transport of use a car. There's so much promotion by the government to use their services that sometimes you really do start to wonder. Now it's easy to work out what's best for you.

What the calculator has shown in this situation is just how bad public transport is for short local trips. Even worse is this is with seniors concession so for people having to pay full fare, it cost considerably more. There should be no reason it is cheaper to use a car compared to a far less convenient, slower, heavily subsidised shared bus, but that's not how the government has set up its charging. It literally costs the same amount to go from the Melbourne Airport to Frankston as it does to travel one stop on a bus. That really doesn't encourage people to use local public transport for short local trips which really is a pity.

In any case, the Car versus Public Transport calculator is already proving to have been useful in helping me to better understand my costs and save me money. That's the main reason I write the calculators. Hopefully the calculator can save you money too.

Kelvin Eldridge

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Car versus Public Transport - which one is cheaper?

Answering the question of which is cheaper between car and public transport is not as easy as you first think. There really are a lot of variables, and sometimes it's cheaper to use a car and sometimes it's cheaper to use public transport.

The advantage of using public transport is often public transport is subsidised by tax payers by 40-60% and sometimes I've heard, up to 90%. So that means someone else is picking up probably around half the cost of your "real" cost. The major disadvantage of using public transport is time. It's not unusual for a trip on public transport to take three or more times the amount of time compared to a car. As an example, I set off one day to do some banking on a Saturday morning at 11 am. I reached the bank by 12:50 pm. That's a staggering 110 minutes for what takes about 6-10 minutes in a car. The stress of almost not getting to the bank by closing time at 1 pm was considerable.

Cars on the other hand have a considerable amount of costs you just don't think about.  When you get into your car for a trip you often don't actually pay anything. Sure we may think about the petrol cost, but then what about the rego and insurance cost each year.

Then there's the situation where you own a car and also take public transport. You really can't do without the car so like it or not, you've got recurring costs like rego and insurance even if the car stays in the garage.

So overall, it really is very hard to work out what the cost of using your car is for a single trip.

To help get an answer I've written a couple of calculators over time which I use. One is the car running cost calculator. I've gone through my records over the last 10 plus years and now I can quickly ask some questions which help me determine my cost per kilometre.

If I consider all costs so far, the cost of using my car has been 51 cents per kilometre. This does not include a financing cost or loss of interest on the money used to buy the car. If I consider only the petrol cost the cost has been 13 cents per kilometre. However I think a more accurate cost is the cost of the car, less an estimate of any remaining car value, plus any other costs. I don't include rego and insurance, but do include servicing. Using that approach this gives me a figure of 35 cents per kilometre. Sure it's not exact, but at least it's a good estimate.

Working out the cost of public transport is fairly easy. The time taken for car versus public transport can be estimate using Google Maps. The distance travelled by car can also be determined using Google Maps.

If time isn't a concern you then have everything you need to compare the cost of using a car to the cost of using public transport. If time is important, you'll need to work out a figure you're happy with that places a value on your time.

The Car versus Public Transport calculator has already revealed some quite unexpected results for people I've tested the calculator with. Hopefully the calculator will reveal some valuable insights for you as well.

Kelvin Eldridge

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Menzies electorate and the importance of your voting preferences.

Based on the last election results for Menzies, this election could be very close. It may all come down to preferences. I've found most people don't understand their preferences are just as important as their primary vote.

Here's a link to the 2016 Federal election.

You can see Liberal Party won outright, but they only received 51.72% of the first preference votes. With over 50% of first preferences the Liberal Party couldn't lose. But what if there was a further swing against the liberal party which took them below the 50% mark. Still highly unlikely they'd lose, but it could happen.

All that then needs to happen is for all second preference votes to go Labor. Hard to believe isn't it. A party that gets around a quarter of the vote could actually get in. Whilst it may even be harder to believe, if a strong third contender entered the race taking votes from both the Liberal and Labor parties, then getting strong preference support, it's a really long shot, but the third candidate could have a slim chance.

How then do preferences work and how is it possible that preferences are so powerful.

Let's take a simple example.

Let's say the Liberal Party gets 49% of the first preference votes. Then an independent gets say 26% of the first preference votes and Labor gets 25% of the first preference votes.

Now what happens in our system, is since in the example above the Labor candidate came last, the way people entered their preferences are then used to split up the votes for the remaining two candidates. If everyone that voted for Labour listed their second preference as the independent, then all the votes for the Labor candidate would go to the independent. The independent would now end up with their 26% of first preference votes and the 25% of the Labor candidates votes as a second preference, giving the independent a total of 51% of the votes.

Few people realise the second preference vote has as much voting power as their first preference, should the candidate they're voting for end up with a lower number of votes than the leading candidates.

Candidates may do a deal with other candidates to give their preferences to each other. They don't really give anything, but what they do is list the order of how they feel people should vote. The order can be based on the deal that's been done that gives them the best chance of getting in.

Menzies is not a marginal seat. Around 77% of the votes at the last election went to Liberal (51.72%) or Labor (24.6%). There were 5.02% of informal votes (votes not entered correctly) and thus they didn't count. That leaves 18.66% of the vote for other candidates. That means no other candidate had a chance of winning, even if preferences were taken into account. As the preferences are taken into account and those candidates receiving the lowest number of votes removed, you finally end up with the two party preferred votes. Of the second and further preferences (20,656) the Liberal Party received a further 7,709 votes (37%) and the Labor Party received 12,947 votes (63%).

If you really want to make a difference with your vote, one way to maximise the value of your vote is to look at your preferences. Look at which parties are giving their preference to which candidates. Then vote for the candidate you most prefer and then each further candidate based on how they are allocating their preferences. There's a good chance a higher proportion of people will follow the candidate's How to Vote card and that will influence the very powerful preference votes.

Hopefully this post helps people understand a little more about our election system, and how truly powerful and important your second and further preferences really are.

Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Petrol Prices Melbourne price hike alert. Petrol prices at 166.9 spotted.

Checking petrol prices tonight I noticed a number of petrol stations around Melbourne have increased their unleaded price to 166.9 cents per litre. With the current gate price at 137.9 cents per litre, and then adding the usual 25-30 cents per litre when prices hike, we could expect to see the unlead petrol price to hike to somewhere in the range of 162.9 to 167.9. I would expect the price to hike to 164.9 as the price looks better and makes the price appear to be in the lower half of the 160-170 range. However at 166.9 this is still within the expected range.

I'll continue to watch the petrol prices as I usually like to wait until I see three or more Woolworths Petrol station increase their prices. Sometimes some petrol stations break from the pack just to later reduce their prices. Once I'm confident the petrol price hike cycle has started I'll notify those on the Alert mailing list.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Kelvin Eldridge
Petrol Prices Melbourne

Update: 1/05/2019
A few more petrol stations have increased their prices to 166.9. Looks like 166.9 is the new price hike price.

Update: 9/05/2019
The hiking of petrol prices has occurred quite slowly this time. It's 9 days since the first signs of the price hike started and still an estimated 20% of petrol station have not increased their prices. That's great for drivers as it means cheaper prices are still relatively easy to find.

A second unusual situation is the average gate price (think wholesale) has dropped a couple of cents so we're seeing a second group now raise their prices to 159.9, meaning even if you miss out on the cheaper prices there's still a 7 cents per litre saving that can be found.

As we approach the weekend it's probably safe to assume most prices will have gone up by Monday and perhaps prices might quickly drop to around the high 150 mark.

Early voting centre for Menzies

For those looking for the early voting centres for Menzies, the following page provides details of candidates and the locations of early voting centres.

Kelvin Eldridge

Alert: Your Optus bill for account xxxxx.

Sometimes timing can be everything, even for scammers.

Today I activated a new Optus prepaid service, so when I received an email bill from Optus, my first thought is what has Optus done. I've seen this happens to others. Rather than knowing the email's a scam, because the person has done something very recently with the same company, this leads a person to think the email is from the company. Timing. No this email isn't from Optus.

This is a scam email designed to trick people to click on the link (Vew your bill now). If you check the link it has nothing to do with Optus. Most likely it's a hacked website where the scammer has loaded their code onto the site without the site owner knowing. This is extremely common.

Next time you receive an email from one of your suppliers do pause for a moment. It's easy to be tricked by scammers when you're under pressure, or perhaps just not thinking clearly.

Discard these emails for the junk they are.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Active April upsell much stronger this year.

The Premier's Active April is marketed around people getting out and getting fit. Almost a feel good campaign for the community. Last year we joined the local Aquarena and took advantage of the free offers. Ten free sessions including full use of the pool, spa and classes.

This year the offer from Aquarena wasn't as generous. What is also different is the follow-up marketing. Two phones calls and a text message and April isn't over.

This year it feels more like The Premier's Active April upsell. Gone is the feeling the promotion is good for the community, but more like a corporate marketing strategy to get people to use the facilities so they can be marketed to.

I haven't activated the membership this year and next year I'll probably just give it a miss.

I'm always reminded when things like this happen that government is just a business, just like every other business.


Can we really trust the weather temperature reporting and thus record temperatures and thus global warming.

Today I learned something that almost had me in disbelief. This was purely by accident. I wrote a convenience web app that showed yesterday's temperature. But sometimes the data isn't available for the maximum from the previous day at 9am in the morning. So I thought, what about the daily readings from the weather stations. The didn't match. Two lots of data where the high and low from the previous day's data didn't match. How could this be?

I can explain this away since one lot of data is reported every 30 minutes. If these are spot measurements then the temperature at each minute, or even every second, could be higher or lower but we wouldn't know. So yes, it's easy for there to be a difference.

Then I read an article where a retired head master has an obvious special interest in the weather and followed through on why temperatures can spike quite a bit minute to minute. We're now in an age where we're using different measuring devices. Devices that can accurately measure temperature at a particular point in time. Ever walked through water at the beach an noticed how there's warmer spots and even areas that seem to flow with different temperatures. What's the temperature of the water? What's to say this isn't happening with measuring the air temperature. Instantaneous fluctuations. Yes the measurement isn't wrong, but to compare this type of measure with historical records where equipment by its nature averaged out the reading due to slower response times, can make for significant apparent changes that make the headlines.

The hottest overnight temperature on record. Or was it just because we're now measuring it differently? The headline grabbers don't highlight that we may be talking about a fraction of a degree. That doesn't make it as sensational.

This really plays into the hands of the climate change sceptics. If we can't trust the weather reporting then how can we trust what's being reported about climate change. Any scientist (or politician) going against climate change right now won't be treated seriously, or worse, they'll be treated very poorly.

This is one person's story I found interesting.

The issue isn't about whether the temperature is being measured correctly, but the time the measurements are averaged over. It appears the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia uses a single spot measurement each minute, whereas in the UK it is the average of the 60 measurements in the minute (one per second) and in the USA, it is the average over 5 minutes. There's nothing wrong with any of the approaches, but what is wrong is you can't compare if you measure things differently.

Another article I thought worth reading was how the historical temperatures in Darwin have been reduced using different approaches. Few people are experts in this area but for us laypeople, it just doesn't feel right to go back and reduce historical temperature values which then helps argue that global warming is occurring. That just puts doubt into people's mind. Doubt is all the climate change sceptics need to convince people climate change isn't happening. No science. Just doubt.

In this case, removing the earlier hot period from the data so it is outside the range for the trend just doesn't make sense. So often we see people who wish to prove their point only use a selection of data which proves their point, but ignores other data which does not help their case.

Now when I hear news items about the highest or lowest temperature for a day, month, period, I need to be aware of  how much the change is. If that's not reported it's just sensationalist reporting designed to grab headlines and capture viewers attention.

The real sadness here is I do believe we are having a negative impact on our world. Just living, eating, consuming, travelling, all use resources. The more people the more resources. There has to be an impact and that impact just feels like it will be devastating. To not have a global standard by which all countries agree means it's far more difficult to do something globally and be in agreement.

What started as what appeared to be a very simple personal project, of what was yesterday's temperature, became far more complex. The good outcome however is if we just chill and relax, all that is really needed from yesterday's weather is a rough guide. A few degrees here or there doesn't really matter. We just want to know what yesterday's weather is so we can compare it to today. Is it going to be similar, hotter, or cooler? The answer doesn't need high precision.

Kelvin Eldridge

PS. Unlike some sites this post is not meant to be a criticism of the Bureau of Meteorology. Weather is not an exact science. The resources provided by the BOM are used by most of us most days of the year and are appreciated. I have no idea if the actual historical raw data is being modified and I certainly hope it isn't. Modelling isn't the raw data, just someone's interpretation of the raw data, and that can and will change over time as technology and knowledge changes.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Points Calculator for Points, kilojoules and Calories now available.

Need to work out the kilojoules, Calories or Points for a food item, the Points Calculator now makes it easier.

Just enter the serving size and energy per 100g and you can calculate the kilojoules and Calories. For those using Points, enter the protein, saturated fat and sugars content to get the number of points for the serving size.

A new feature which will appear on the Points Calculator will be the ability to scan a barcode and if the food item's details are already stored, the details will be loaded for you. Since it's only me loading the food items we use, it may take a while before this feature is available to others.

If you need to calculate kilojoules, Calories or Points for a food item, visit

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Weather Yesterday Melbourne web app now live.

Weather Yesterday web app came about because a person said it's very difficult to find yesterday's weather. If you search for Weather Yesterday Melbourne you can't easily find the information from the Bureau of Meteorology. When checking a site tonight, the weather for Melbourne was nothing like the actual weather. Lots of information but nothing that seemed correct.

Really all the person wanted was the max, min and rainfall for yesterday in Melbourne.

The Weather Yesterday web app shows the weather yesterday in Melbourne. Just the min, max and rainfall. Simple and easy to read. Quick to access.

You can find Weather Yesterday at


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Intagrammers taking huge risks, sometimes with the worst of outcomes.

Yesterday's news headlines on Bing are a reminder just how crazy our world can get. Most days we read about social media influencers and users affecting areas, taking huge risks and even dying for those special pictures.

Yesterday the following news items appeared on Bing. Two out of the first three items were about intagrammers. One who had died, and another couple who took pictures of what look like a very dangerous situation. One woman dangling over the edge of a large drop being held by a man in a swimming pool. All for the sake of that "perfect" instagrammable picture.

Because these people seem to be successful at what they do, others who may not be as prepared or experienced, may attempt to copy or better their pictures.

It's a real concern. Perhaps some money is made by these people, but certainly the most money is made by those running the social media services.

Please, please, do take care capturing that intragrammable moment. Consider others around you and those that will be impacted if something doesn't go to plan. It's really not worth it.

Be safe.


Monday, April 15, 2019

Alert: Your account has been hacked! You need to unlock.

If you receive emails with the subject: "Your account has been hacked! You need to unlock." don't be too concerned. This is a scam.

The email goes on to say you've been watching porn. They've recorded you using your web cam and if you don't pay up, they'll post the video to your contacts or the internet. Pretty scary. However it is most likely a scam and they have no recording of you.

I receive multiple emails of this form to multiple email address most days. The email addresses for which they say they've hacked my account in many cases, don't actually have an account. They are just forwarded email address. So no account, so it's just a bluff.

OK. So what about the future. That webcam on your computer really is an exposure. Should you get an infected computer that can really use the webcam, that's a concern. Anyone could check out you, your family, your home.

A quick and easy solution to this is a bandaid. Yes a bandaid. Since the padding part has no sticky substance, you can place the bandaid over the web cam and you can easily remove the bandaid if you need to.

Chances are you probably rarely if ever use the webcam. If you don't use the webcam like many people also don't, then a bandaid can remove this potential issue and give you peace of mind.

I hope others find this tip useful.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

Adsense: Valuable inventory: Under construction

As mentioned previously something has changed with Google Adsense whereby sites are being rejected more. The exact reason unfortunately is difficult to work out.

In the case of the site trying to add the site to Google Adsense resulted in the message "Valuable inventory: Under construction". The site isn't under construction and has been live now for a few months.

The site likewise also returned the message "Valuable inventory: Under construction". This site has been live for years, but recently I updated the site to be responsive rather than separate mobile and desktop pages. One suspicion I have is Mapz is largely map sites with not too much text. That may get the site rejected, but the message certainly doesn't indicate this would be the reason.

As suggested in the earlier post when you receive messages like this there's probably not much you can do about. In this case it's best to find another ad provider, or at least it's much easier and you'll have live ads displaying in less time.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

Friday, April 05, 2019

HelloFresh discount code.

Received an invitation from a friend recently who tried and enjoyed using HelloFresh. It was a free trial so I had nothing to lose unless I miss the pause/cancel date. Signed up tonight as I thought I'd give it a go.

Whilst I can't pass on the same trial to others, I did notice they had a refer a friend offer where both parties get a $50 credit. The person using the code gets $50 off their first order. If this interests anyone the following is the link HelloFresh provided for me.

Visit HelloFresh for more information. Discount code should be applied.

As always make sure you read the terms. Also be careful with the automatic ordering. You can pause the automatic order and cancel the automatic orders.

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Petrol prices in Melbourne starting to go up to 159.9.

Today I was a little surprised when I noticed a number of Woolworths Petrol stations had increased their price of unleaded petrol to 159.9. Surprised because today's gate price (think wholesale) is 131.6 and prices don't normally jump until prices drop below the gate price.

OK. I totally forgot that school holidays in Victoria start this weekend. Now it makes sense. Prices are being hiked just in time for the school holidays.

Currently there's not too many petrol stations that have increased the price of unleaded petrol, so it is always possible the petrol stations have made a jump on the pack.

Time to keep an eye on petrol prices.

Kelvin Eldridge
Petrol Prices Melbourne

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Days Between Dates Calculator now using SSL.

I personally don't consider a need for using SSL (secure sockets layer) on sites like, but if you're using Google Chrome, you will receive information that the site is not secure.

Does it really matter if you're typing in a couple of dates. I don't think so. But of course Google Chrome can't tell what you're typing in so they flag the site as not secure. As a result, as a developer I need to then revisit each site and perform changes taking time and sometimes money that offers no additional value to users. That's a huge cost to the community when you consider how many sites need to do the same.

But as they say, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. A more secure internet really is better for everyone. As time and resources permit I'll be revisiting sites that don't use SSL and migrate them to SSL.

Yesterday I migrated There's no visible changes for users, but now if you go to the site, the site will be secured using SSL and a lock symbol will appear in the address bar of the browser.

Kelvin Eldridge

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cruise Travel Insurance - 1Travel, Cover-More, Medicare, RACV, Bupa, Woolworths Insurance

When travelling overseas I consider it always to be a good idea to get travel insurance. The main reason is you hear horror stories with medical costs. Travel insurance provides peace of mind, and in some cases, is necessary to visit some locations.

If you purchase travel insurance through a travel agency or your cruise company, you may end paying hundreds of dollars more. It really is a case of checking around which can be easily done online.

Recently I checked the following. There's others I don't have confidence in and there's companies I'd never heard of. Perhaps there's an even better deal but whilst you may not get the absolute minimum shopping around, at least you can make some good savings.

Woolworths Insurance

Make sure you get the cover you need. For example read the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement). Use the search function Control+F and search for "cruise" to help find the sections relating to cruises.

It's not really difficult work, but it is tedious, but it can also save hundreds of dollars.

Medicare travel insurance was the most expensive costing up to three times more than others. 1Travel had a huge $3,000 for one quote and not great prices. Cover-More the one listed by P &O Cruises is hundreds of dollars more expensive. Looks good until you add the price for your cruise fare which adds hundreds. Cancellation of the cruise fare is probably one of things you'd expect in the Cover-More policy by default, but it's not there.

What did surprise me was Bupa's travel insurance was quite reasonable. RACV travel insurance was quite reasonable and both Bupa and RACV give members a 15% discount. Not a member though.

The cheapest was Woolworths insurance. I've used them before. However there don't cover people over 80.

In the end the RACV insurance was clear and specifically had an option for cruises. Medical evacuation was included. For $30 more went for the highest cover. Usually I'm prudent, but I've heard of friends and contacts getting hurt travelling so peace of mind is important.

Really I'd recommend shopping around. For a two week cruise the savings from shopping around could easily be as much as $300-$400.

Kelvin Eldridge

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Emergency Phone, spare phone, uses for an old mobile phone.

Recently I announced the GPS Tracker For Car site. The GPS Tracker for Car site shares information on using an older mobile as a GPS tracker which can be placed on or in equipment such as cars, so if the car is stolen, there may be a chance to tracker and locate the car.

Sometimes however when creating one project you learn something you didn't previously know.

I often see EMERGENCY CALL on my mobile's lock screen. Never really thought about this, but it's there if needed. There's a number of features of mobile phones I never really thought about or knew.

No SIM is required to make an emergency call.


It appears all mobile phone have the ability to call emergency services without a SIM card installed. Just turn on the mobile and call the emergency number. Even if the mobile is locked.

That means if you have an old mobile phone without a SIM, keep it turned off, but charge it every now and again, you have a mobile phone ready for an emergency and it doesn't cost a cent.

Lock screen can have emergency information text displayed.

Lost your phone or in an accident and someone picks up your phone. You can place text on the lock screen which provides others a means of contacting an emergency contact. This could be very useful in the case you're incapacitated, or you lose your mobile.


This was recently suggested to me by a nurse. ICE which stands for In Case of Emergency is a standard that's gaining some traction world wide. Add a contact in your contact for the contact ICE. You can provide a number or in my case I added notes as well. Often however your mobile will be locked. However some mobiles will allow you to associate a contact with an emergency call.

In the case of my Samsung S7 if I press the EMERGENCY CALL I get the option to place a call to emergency services or to add emergency contacts. If I select add emergency contacts I am shown my favourites. With ICE added as a favourite, ICE is available to then add to your emergency call list. Now if someone finds your mobile, or needs to use it because you can't, all they need to do is swipe the screen, press on EMERGENCY CALL and then they can select the ICE contact and call them.

I suspect the ICE contact can't be contacted if you don't have a SIM card installed, current, or activated, but it's an option available for others to help you if required.

Lock a mobile so only listed contacts can be called

Based on the EMERGENCY CALL feature and the idea that you can add a list of contacts to the emergency screen, this also means you could set up your mobile for one of your children with just the numbers you want them to be able to call. Lock the mobile so it can't be used for any other purpose. Then if your child needs to call you, they swipe the screen, select EMERGENCY CALL, then select you as the contact and call you.

That's certainly a feature I never knew existed and means a mobile phone with limited functionality, could be provided to children in their bags in case of an emergency. If the mobile is left off the battery will retain it's charge for some time. If the mobile is on, and it's OK with the child, the parent could also locate their child using the same approach GPS Track for Car uses. This means parents could see where their children are when using public transport. Particularly useful if they need to pick them up from the station or bus or tram stop.

Spare phone

Separate from the use of the emergency facility built into mobile phones, it also became apparent recently an old phone could be used as a spare phone. Take an old phone, insert a SIM card with a 365 day prepaid plan (these can be found in the plans section of GPS Tracker For Car) and leave it turned off in your car or bag, and you have a back-up phone if it's needed.

I recently left home to meet someone in the shopping centre but left my mobile behind. Let's just say it did not go well. The help desk helped get in contact will someone who could call the person I was meeting and let them know where to meet. A spare phone in the car would have solved this problem instantly.

I read recently of hikers wanting a spare phone and thought that was such a good idea. A mobile turned off, with a 365 day prepaid plan, sealed in ziplock bags and an old phone could make a good emergency back-up phone.

Hopefully some of these ideas may be useful for others.

Kelvin Eldridge
GPS Tracker For Car

Update: 8/04/2019
Just set up an Amaysim SIM using $10 starter pack for a mobile to stay in the car as an emergency or back-up phone. The mobile will be off and should keeps its charge for many months. Also disabled data so no charges when mobile turned on. Amaysim offer a refer a friend link where both parties get a $10 credit. Use this link ( and it means a back-up mobile can cost very little to have available. Remember this approach uses the AS YOU GO payment option. The AS YOU GO lasts 365 days. If the mobile is off no credit is being used.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mini GF-07 Car GPS Tracker

I've been working on a GPS Track For Car approach using an old mobile an inexpensive mobile plan. Basically the hardware's free because you already have a suitable old mobile phone sitting in a drawer and all that's required is a suitable plan.

The GPS Tracker For Car approach is now documented and available at

One friend recently purchased a Mini GF-07 Car GPS Tracker. The device is inexpensive and very compact. My friend couldn't get the Mini GF-07 to work so they gave it to me to test. On reading the manual it is apparent the Mini GF007 uses GSM which is the 2G network. All 2G networks in Australia have been switched off, so any device that uses 2G will not work. 

I've also seen Mini GF-07 devices promoted as 3G on eBay. Given the product has the same code and similar price, the product is highly likely to be a fake and not use 3G.

To further trick people eBay sellers often have an Australian flag and colours of the Australian flag which may lead people to feel these products are suitable for Australia. They're not. There's even sites with domains which again give substance to the feeling the product will work in Australia. It's still the same device using the 2G mobile network and will thus not work in Australia.

To double check the GF-07 doesn't work in Australia I inserted a Telstra SIM card that was known to work and sent the code 777 via SMS to get the current location. No response. Whilst this doesn't show 100% it doesn't work, there's no way to know if something doesn't work for certain if there's something you don't know. But there's a very high probability that the GF-07 does not work in Australia. The GF-07 certainly didn't work for me.

The following link has a good table and shows that no Australian telco supports 2G any longer in Australia.

Hopefully this experience will help other people in Australia who are looking at the Mini GF-07 Car GPS Tracker.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support

Update: 18/04/2019
The following is a graphic from eBay for the item purchased. Lots of Australian related images including stock in Australia Australia Post logo. This is surely deceptive as it would lead people in Australia to think the product would work in Australia.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Telstra, Vodafone, Optus unlock fees.

You can often pick up a discounted mobile phone from the supermarkets, but it is usually locked to a network. How much then is the unlock fee?


From the Telstra site.

You can unlock your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile, iPhone or mobile broadband devices, so it works on another network - but if you’ve had it activated on the Telstra network for less than two years, we charge:

$80 for devices never activated or only active for six months or less

$25 for devices activated for six months to 2 years.

Good to know
After two years, we don’t charge an unlocking fee.


From the Optus site

Have you recharged your service to a minimum / accumulated amount of $80.00?

Yes: There is no fee to network unlock your handset

No: How long has your service been active?

Less than 6 months: There is an $80 fee
More than 6 months: There is a $25 fee


From the Vodafone site.

If you purchased your device outright to use with a prepaid service, there'll be a fee to unlock it from the Vodafone network.

If you’ve had your device for less than 6 months there’s a $50 unlocking fee.

If you’ve had your device for over 6 months there’s a $25 unlocking fee.

Other information

The above assumes the mobile is purchased for use on a prepaid plan. If you purchase a mobile on a plan from a telco, it may or may not be locked.

In my experience I've purchased a Optus USB/Wi-Fi on prepaid but the device was not locked. I've had two devices unlocked from Telstra, but a third was too old and they didn't have the unlock information available. They were going to get the information and send it to me but the information never arrived. The lessons here are test your device to see if it is locked, and if it is locked, don't wait too long before unlocking the device.

Overall I feel Vodafone's devices are the worst as you always have to pay an unlocking fee. With Optus and Telstra after two years, you can get the device unlocked. With Optus, if you spend more than $80, you can get the device unlocked earlier.

Overall this would mean the Optus approach is best, Telstra next and Vodafone last.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.