Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Alert: Melbourne petrol prices starting to hike to 155.9 - 165.9

Petrol prices in Melbourne appear to be going up, however what they are going up to isn't quite clear.

In Templetstowe the 7 Eleven is 155.9, but in Clarinda the 7 Eleven is 165.9. That's a huge difference. Either way as we approach the school holidays it does appear petrol prices are on the rise.

The current gate price (think wholesale) is 124.4 cents per litre for unleaded petrol. The petrol price usually increases by 25 -30 cents per litre, so unless wholesale petrol prices are rising quickly (and there's no evidence of that), we can expect prices to rise to around 150-155. Higher and that would be the highest jump I've seen since writing these blog posts. That would certainly be a money grab by the petrol retailers.

Time to keep an eye on petrol prices as we approach the school holidays.

Kelvin Eldridge