Thursday, January 28, 2016

Safari: Can't type in Safari address area.

An issue appeared recently that is also affecting many other Safari users. When you go to type into the address bar area it is locked and it won't accept anything you type. The blue line appears around the address area.

I've read that Apple has fixed the problem, yet I'm still experiencing the problem.

To work around the problem so you can enter website addresses into the address area, go to Preferences, then click the Search tab. Remove the tick from Include Safari Search Suggestions. Close and reopen Safari.

I suspect his problem should be solved over the next few days so when you want to, you may wish to enable the setting again.

For those interested, one thing which helped me through this issue was I had my site set up as the home page, and to also open when new tabs were opened. I could still use my search site to search for what I wanted.  My search engine enables me to enter website addresses and go to the site, whereas most search engines will send you to a list of search results. Initially I thought because I have an extension loaded to use this search engine, it may be causing the problem. I disabled the extension but found no change. That made me look further afield to find if there was an issue and thus I found this problem was affecting many users at the moment.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fitbit: More than one tracker found

A few days ago when going to sync the Fitbit HR, the message "more than one tracker found" appeared. Since then the message now appears every time.

A check on the internet reveals this problem started to occur for hundreds of others mostly since yesterday. For me, if I recall correctly, it started a couple of days ago. I thought it may have been related to seeing the message when a couple of others in the house had their Fitbit on, and the software when synchronising, located multiple Fitbits which was at the time correct. However since then there's been no other Fitbit devices in the area.

The workaround at this time unfortunately is to log on each time. I'm using a MacBook Air and the Fitbit Connect software. I've noticed others with the issue using Windows.

A moderator on the Fitbit community forum has indicated Fitbit are aware of the issue and the team are working on a fix.

All we can do really is wait until a fix is provided by Fitbit. Hopefully it will happen soon because logging in to sync each time is resulting in a poor user experience.

Kelvin Eldridge
Call 0415 910 703 for IT support.
Servicing Doncaster, Templestowe, Eltham and the surrounding area.

Update: 21 Jan 2016
Found the following on the Fitbit forum.

Fitbit Update 1/19: Hey all- we've just checked in with the software engineering team, and it looks like we're just about putting the finishing touches on the fix for this. 

We're expecting a resolution in a few days, at which time you should all be able to return to normal sync behavior. Thank you all for your continued patience. Please keep an eye out for updates from me later on in the week. 

To save others time I tested removing, restarting and reinstalling. This made no difference. For the MacBook Air the set up file I downloaded a couple of weeks ago where there was no problem, is still the same version number, so the file has no yet been updated.

Update: 29 January 2016
This particular problem now appears to have been fixed. I still continue to get issues connecting which is quite frustrating, but this problem is no longer occurring.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Fitbit burnit, holdme message.

Yes I caved. Got a Fitbit as I like to measure things and so far that's been very interesting. Today when I went to charge the Fitbit (only after three days even though it states I should get five), I was having trouble seeing the battery charging symbol.

To my surprise I saw a couple of messages pop up. BURNIT and HOLDME. I'd not seen messages before so decided to check the internet and sure enough, people do get messages from their Fitbit.

I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR in the Boxing day sales from Officeworks. The price was $130. Had the price not been so low I wouldn't have been tempted.

I've found the heart rate interesting to watch as I rest, walk or ride the bike. A bit of fun. Interestingly I read that around 50% of people who purchased a Fitbit no longer wear it. It does make me wonder how long it will be until the novelty of the Fitbit wears off.

Kelvin Eldridge