Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free T18 laptops from Ericsson. Yeah right!!!!

I just received an email letting me know about a great offer from Ericsson, where you can get a free T18 or R320 laptop.

Too good to be true. We believe so.

A search of the Internet shows this to be a hoax. In effect a virus hoax which gets unsuspecting people to forward on the email.

If you have been tricked, have a good laugh. You aren't alone.

However if you have told others, you really should let them know as soon as possible that it is a hoax.

At JustLocal we have some unbelievable offers. Free laptops. Even we can't match that one.

Have a great day - Kelvin

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Great Give-Away begins..........

Win prizes for FREE.

At JustLocal we are always creating innovative ways to promote our JustLocal friends.

This time some people will think we have gone totally mad. We are giving away prizes just for the asking. Maybe we have gone mad.

But it doesn't matter because we expect quite a lot of people will be over joyed winners of prizes offered in The Great Give-Away.

Check out The Great Give-Away. (www.JustLocal.com.au/the-great-give-away/)

Select one or more prizes and if lady luck is on your side, the prize (or prizes) could be yours.

Good luck - Kelvin

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

JustLocal friends - February 2008 special offers.

Special offers from JustLocal friends for February 2008.

The thought occurred to us to enable JustLocal friends to promote their February specials using the JustLocal News blog. We have no idea how many offers there will be, but hey, we are always into trying out new approaches.

Enjoy - Kelvin

Aussie slang dictionary, bonzer idea.


I started this blog entry on a Wordpress blog I no longer use, and have decided to transfer it here, as with enough interest, I am still happy to bring out add-on dictionaries containing our colourful slang.

Some users of our Australian English dictionary files have asked for more Aussie slang to be included.

To get the ball rolling I will build a secondary dictionary for OpenOffice.org which will contain Aussie slang. Further dictionaries for other applications will be built based on user demand.

Submit your favourite words

Add a comment to this blog with the words you would like to see included.

  • Check the spelling of the word where possible. Slang dictionaries are available in book stores.
  • Using Google, select Pages From Australia and check for common usage.
  • If someone else submits a word you do not agree with then dispute the word (but be nice about it).
When a sufficient number of suggestions have been received I will consolidate the suggestions for people to comment on and then include in the next version of the dictionary.

The Australian English slang dictionary will be available from the JustLocal site www.JustLocal.com.au. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on FREE Australian English spell check dictionary files.

Thanks - Kelvin Eldridge

PS. The comments from the original blog entry have been added by myself. Thank you to those adding their comments.

PPS. (Update: January 2009) The words from this post have now been reviewed and included in Word Check. Word Check uses the dictionary which will become version 4 of Kelvin's Australian English spellcheck dictionary.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Setting Internet Explorer 7 to default searches to pages from Australia.

Can anyone see what is different with my version of Internet Explorer 7?

Yes, that's right, the search area shows the word Australia.

As a result of starting the Default to Australia campaign a number of people have shown interest, however not everyone wants to set Google as their home page, which is understandable.

Internet Explorer 7 now provides the search area at the top right and it is very easy to set this to Google, with pages from Australia as the default.

The following is how to do it.

I will assume you are looking at this page using Internet Explorer. If you aren't then open the page using Internet Explorer 7. If you have Internet Explorer 6 I suggest upgrading. There are some nice features in Internet Explorer 7. (If you are using a different browser this technique does not apply, but you can use other techniques for your browser.)

Copy the following line by highlighting it using your mouse and then press Control+C.


Select the drop down arrow next to the magnifying glass next to the search area at the top right of Internet Explorer 7.
Select Find More Providers.
In the Create Your Own at the right in step 3 paste the above text which was copied.
In step 4 type in the word Australia.
Click Install.

With the Add Search Provider dialogue which pops up do the following.

Tick "Make this my default service provider".
Click Add Provider

That's it. You now have Google with pages from Australia set up as your default.

Now go forth and search. I think you will find being presented with a shorter more relevant list of results a great time saver.

Enjoy - Kelvin

PS. This solution is one of over 1,700 time saving solutions available in the MyAnswers knowledge base.

Friday, February 01, 2008

JustLocal newsletter.

I noticed a number of people searching for the JustLocal newsletter so I thought I should explain what I do with the newsletter.

The last edition of the JustLocal newsletter was released on the 24th of Janary 2008. A link is no longer made public. The link to the newsletter is provided in an email sent to everyone on the JustLocal mailing list. The following is an extract of the recent email we sent to everyone.

In this edition of JustLocal News we join in the Australian Day celebrations with a great range of Australian treasures.

  • The Australia Day Treasure Hunt where everyone wins treasure valued at over $300 and can win booty from a treasure chest containing over $12,000 worth prizes. Long John Silver would be envious of this treasure chest.
  • We share more books from treasured Australian authors.
  • We give you a tip on how to find Australian treasures more easily using Google.
  • We introduce to the newsletter, news on the Australian dictionary work for our treasured language.
I decided on this approach rather than sending all the information in the email. This keeps the email very short and those who are interested can check out the newsletter when they have time.

The JustLocal newsletter contains invaluable information including articles, special offers, tips, and the current username/password to access the file section for the Australian dictionary files I produce and make available for FREE.

If you don't want to miss out on the JustLocal newsletter, you can join the mailing list. The best way is to contact us via the contact page or send an email. But please put a good subject in the subject line if you send an email such as "NEWSLETTER: I would like to receive the JustLocal newsletter". We receive hundreds of spam emails a day and it is easy to miss a valid email even though we have tools to ensure missing an email is minimised. If you don't receive an email with a link to the latest newsletter within 48 hours, you should try again.

Have a great day - Kelvin