Friday, May 30, 2014

m.a.d.woman foundation added to the main page of JustLocal in the free for community use section.

I've like to welcome m.a.d.woman foundation to JustLocal. Part of the design of JustLocal is to provide 5% of the advertising space free for use by the community to assist, charities, not-for-profits and even individuals in need. The m.a.d.woman foundation has provided the following information to help people understand what they do. I encourage people to support such groups in a manner in which they can.

The m.a.d.woman foundation is working hard to help homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable children as winter hits.

With winter just around the corner, m.a.d.woman urgently needs some help to fund materials for care packs. There are more than 105,000 people sleeping rough in Australia and about 34,000 are children. There are many kids and their mothers fleeing domestic violence situations and living in temporary accommodation without their possessions. There are also many disadvantaged families who lack some of the basics we take for granted.

The m.a.d.woman team has helped more than 300,000 people in the past six years. The team is are on a mission to help as many other people as possible, starting with beanies, blankets, bibs and much more. Each ticket sold to the gala event can help fund items for up to 10 of our most vulnerable citizens – so you get a great night at the same time as helping others.
The event is on Saturday 21 June at the St Kilda Town Hall – you get a chance to dress up, meet others and have a fun night out to help support people in need.  It’s hosted by Max Walker, includes live music and entertainment and some amazing prizes and gifts bags - no one will go home empty-handed! Just one of the door prizes alone is a Jura coffee machine and coffee worth more than $1000.

The event is raising funds for the m.a.d. for kids program. Not only is the m.a.d.woman foundation helping vulnerable and needy kids, but it is also setting up a program to teach other young people how to give tangible support to people less fortunate than them.

Tickets can be purchased as discounted group bookings of 10 or individually at

Kelvin Eldridge

Copywriter Melbourne - Claire Halliday's Copy Queens provides great copywriting services.

I'd like to welcome Copy Queens to JustLocal. You can find Copy Queens on the postcode page, or go direct to Copy Queens site at

Copy Queens delivers affordable, effective copy that hits its mark - converting your browsers into buyers for solid return-on-investment. If you're looking for a copywriter, contact Copy Queens.

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Search Australia is now the default search for JustLocal.

The design of JustLocal is such that a general search facility is not required. However, people like to search and I wanted something people could use that would make it easier to for people to find Australian businesses.

The previous search facility was very similar to Search Australia, but Search Australia now uses the code which is used for a range of search services, so will continue being developed.

People should keep in mind that with Search Australia only sites using .au domains return results. Some Australian companies decide to use domains which end in .com and that is their choice. That choice however does make it harder for Australians to determine if a site is Australian or an overseas site. You can always use Google, Bing or Yahoo to perform a broader search by first entering the letter g, b, or y before the search phrase. Further details are provided in the Help page.

Kelvin Eldridge  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Skip the Chips - Have you ever considered how many kilojoules are in those chips?

Those of you who have been reading my posts will know that at one time I decided I needed to lose weight. A lot of weight. The first 2-3 kg is always easy, but then it gets harder and I never really seemed to get past the easy stage. That is until I decided to investigate the maths behind losing weight. I share what I learnt on Today however is an important lesson I learnt when losing weight.

My approach is simple. You can eat whatever you like as long as you eat up to your dieting kilojoule allowance. That includes having takeaway. Notice how everyone knocks takeaway and what they focus on.   The focus is never on the chips.

I you have a large McChicken meal with a diet coke at McDonald's you'd think the most kilojoules is in the burger. Not so fast. Check out the kilojoules for a large chips. The McChicken burger has 1,710 kilojoules, but those large chips, 1,900 kilojoules. This is not meant to be picking on McDonald's. I'm only using McDonald's as an example but the true is the same for the other fast food businesses.

I decided to create an awareness program so people realise that when they upsize, they may not be doing the best thing for their backsides. It's best to downsize, or skip the chips altogether.

So join me and spread the word, Skip the Chips.

Kelvin Eldridge

PS. Oven backed chips are much lower in kilojoules, about 50% less.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Managed IT Services Melbourne - Drennco Pty Ltd.

Are you looking for someone to manage your IT services? Drencco Pty Ltd tailors IT solutions to each individual business. Conveniently located south west of Melbourne, you can find Drennco Pty Ltd on or visit their website at

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alert: Domain Specialists Online - Action Required for - Important Message About Your Website.

When registering a new website expect to receive some spam from other companies such as Domain Specialists Online. I register a .com domain and a while later I received and email which has the body stating: Congratulations on setting up . Have you had your website listed in the search engines yet?

Now I have done no business with Domain Specialists Online and have no intention to. This is just spam. Expect it and delete it. Don't get suckered into paying for services you don't need.

Kelvin Eldridge
Call 0415 910 703 for IT support.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Quinta Real Estate located in Vermont can now be found on JustLocal

I'd like to welcome Trevor Pickens and Quinta Real Estate to JustLocal. You can find Quinta Real Estate on the Vermont/Vermont South postcode page Quinta Real Estate's site is located at

Trevor Pickens also provides free of charge, his eBook Seven Keys to Successfully Staging Your Home For Sale. If you're thinking of selling your home grab a copy of Trevor's eBook and have a chat with Trevor. You can find his book on his site as following. Click on the menu, select Curious which takes you to the contact page where you'll find his eBook. Click on the link and complete the form to join his newsletter and you'll receive an email containing a link so you can download Trevor's free eBook.

Kelvin Eldridge

Monday, May 05, 2014

Alert: SEO Specialists blog spamming to promote their business.

I received the typical blog spam tonight on one of my blogs. You know, those pointless comments where the only purpose is to promote another business. In this case it was SEO Specialists, which looks like a company in Sydney, but given the site isn't complete it could easily be bogus.

In case you don't know what a typical blog spam looks like here is the one I received tonight. The term Search Engine Optimisation was a link to the SEO Specialists site.  This comment was left on this post ( As you can see the comment has nothing to do with the content of the blog post. Just an advertisement for SEO Specialists.

Search Engine Optimisation not only promotes your website, it also increases its visibility. Search engine optimisation is important if you want your web presence to be solid. In case you have missed the opportunity to optimise your website, it’s about time you should. Once your website is optimised, you will enjoy the manifold benefits of SEO.

The problem for Australian companies is they're using low cost overseas companies to do their SEO and often have no idea. They've outsourced this work to a third party who then outsources this to a low cost overseas third party. In this case the comment was made by someone in the Philippines. Their IP address was

Whatever you do, don't use a company like this that uses this type of marketing technique to promote your site. You're only going to do damage to your reputation as SEO Specialists has done.

If you need a reputable SEO specialist feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to put you onto someone more reputable.

Kelvin Eldridge
Helping local businesses find each other.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Welcome to Rowville Community Kitchen.

I'd like to welcome Rowville Community Kitchen to JustLocal. You can find Rowville Community Kitchen on the Scoresby postcode page

I've visited Rowville Community Kitchen a couple of times for lunch and love the work being done by Christine Smith and her team. It really is a pleasure when you see people like Christine helping others through her training courses.

It is often said there is no such thing as a free lunch, but in this case there really is a free lunch. Last Thursday I had lunch for a grand cost of zero and it was an excellent lunch. It shows the quality of the training and supervision by Christine, the chef Greg and the skill of the students.

Thank you for a great lunch. Keep up the good work. You're making a real difference.

Kelvin Eldridge

What Lies Within - Gary Hipworth. Welcome to the JustLocal Book Project.

I'd like to welcome Gary Hipworth's book What Lies Within. Gary is the first author to promote their book on the new JustLocal Book Project page which can be found at

From the site promoting What Lies Within, Gary's book is a harrowing, real-life account, mixed with touching stories and at times, humour.

Check out Gary's book. I read an earlier book by Gary and I have to say I found his style to be very easy to read and so interesting that I read the book from front to back the night I received the book. Yes it was a very late night.

All the best Gary for your book.

Kelvin Eldridge

JustLocal Book Project - Guidelines/Terms and Conditions

Help sell your book by working with other authors to help promote your book and taking advantage of the strong internet presence of JustLocal.


The JustLocal Book Project is a special JustLocal page. Instead of going to a postcode page, you enter 'book' as the postcode and you go to the book page. The book page has been designed to promote 180 books at any point in time written by Australian authors.

Each book has a graphic which links directly to the Amazon site where the book is being sold.

As a book is added to the book project all authors are notified of the new book.

Authors must have a site which they control and include a link from their site to

Authors must provide a short one to two paragraph overview of their book for promotion on the main JustLocal blog and for the email to all other authors.

Purpose of each of the above

The limit of 180 books is part of the design of JustLocal.

The link to the Amazon site enables a commission to be paid to support the book project. No other fees are charged to the author.

Authors add a link to the book page they control. This helps Google identify the book project page as an important resource worth sharing with others. The combined effort of all authors helps each author.

The short one to two paragraph overview of the book is used to add each book to the JustLocal blog. The JustLocal blog has a strong presence and this presence is used to generate sales for authors. The overview will be sent to all authors. Authors are known to have a propensity for purchasing books and this can provide early sales or referrals to people they know.


1. Authors must be Australian.

2. Authors must have a web page where they promote their book and add a link to This must be either the main page of a site, or a page connected to the man page. The link to the JustLocal Book Project must be in place before the book is added.

3. Authors must be selling their book on a site where an affiliate link is available. This is currently only Amazon, but other sites will be considered. The book must be set up in Amazon before it is promoted on the JustLocal Book Project page.

4. There is no cost to authors except for the affiliate commission generated by a sale.

5. Once all 180 spaces (called lots which are the white rectangles) are taken they are taken. There are no more. However once all lots are taken, at this point new authors are welcome to make an offer to buy out an author and the offer will be made available to all authors. If the offer is accepted, the new author will take the place of the previous author. The payment will be made direct to the author and the author is required to pay Online Connections a 30% commission for the sale.

6. I reserve the right to accept or reject a book for promotion and will not enter into any correspondence should a book be rejected. I will advise the author the book has not been accepted. If a book once accepted is found not to be suitable for any reason, I may at my discretion remove a book and no correspondence will be entered into.

7. At all times I retain the right to decide what is or isn't included on the book page. I retain the right to remove or add authors of my choice.

8. Free books will not be promoted by the JustLocal Book Project.

I retain the right to modify these conditions at any time.

The JustLocal Book Project is a unique concept to help authors promote and sell their book. I look forward to assisting authors in their endeavours and wish them the best with their passion.

Kelvin Eldridge

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Repco Eltham, Greensborough, Montmorency, Lower Plenty. Looking to get your car serviced or repaired from an authorised Repco Service Centre.

I'd like to welcome Bonola Automotives to the Greensborough postcode page of JustLocal ( Bonola Automotives is an authorised Repco Service Centre.

I've used the services of George and his team for quite some years and found him to be pleasant to deal with and reasonable pricing. There's times he's helped me out and provided advice and guidance separate to the paid work which is appreciated.

If you're in the Greensborough, Eltham, Montmorency, Lower Plenty area and looking for a new motor mechanic, you may wish to consider Bonola Automotives.

Kelvin Eldridge

Alert: Sysfix Computer Services blog spamming to promote business.

Noticed a comment on my blog tonight. A generic comment which adds nothing but a link to a company. Using blogs of others with the only purpose of self promotion is inappropriate.

If people are prepared to take this approach I'd highly recommend you look for other businesses to use. IT people often have access to your confidential information. You need to be confident the IT business you are dealing with has the highest standards. Blog spamming indicates a business will use questionable means for self promotion.

Kelvin Eldridge
Helping businesses to promote themselves ethically.