Sunday, November 30, 2008

Streets of Lower Plenty

The recent post on Michael Doellefeld selling his home at 1/336 Main Road, Lower Plenty, led me to explore the area of Lower Plenty. For those interested, the following is a list of the streets of Lower Plenty.

Alma Street, Amberley Way, Anthony Close, Barongarook Court, Beckett Court, Beleura Grove, Bolton Street, Bonds Road, Byron Avenue, Carisbrook Crescent, Cavanagh Road, Charles Street, Cheval Court, Cheverton Road, Cleveland Avenue, Coral Court, Devon Court, Edwards Street, Gees Court, Geoffrey Court, Glenauburn Road, Gwenda Court, Harcourt Place, Havelock Court, Henty Road, Karafili Way, Keating Court, Kett Street, Lakeside Drive, Lees Road, Leslie Court, Lincoln Drive, Longs Road, Lynwood Crescent, Maida Court, Main Road, Maskell Crescent, Montpelier Drive, Old Eltham Road, Palamino Court, Panorama Avenue, Para Road, Philip Street, Prosperity Road, Rangeview Road, Riverhill Drive, Roseburn Court, Rosehill Road, Sapphire Court, Sidwell Court, Stawell Road, Symes Street, Towyn Close, Tyalla Close, View Road, Woodfull Road, Yardie Court, Yarra Hill Close, Yarrowee Road

It occurred to me that perhaps the full list of streets may be of interest to others. For example if you sought of know the street name, and know it is in Lower Plenty, it is much easier to quickly scan a list of around fifty streets, than it is to try to find the street using other means.

I hope others find the Lower Plenty list of streets to be of use.


- Kelvin

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Michael is selling his own home in Lower Plenty.

From what I've read, only around two percent of people sell their own home and that is what Michael Doellefeld is doing. Located at 1/336 Main Road, Lower Plenty, the twelve month old property is modern with great views. To find out more check out his online brochure.

Just as exciting is Michael is also using the Virtual Profit Sharing approach, which means if you are a Virtual Profit Sharing member and you refer the person who ends up buying Michael's home, you will a very big thank you in the form of a bundle of cash.

Whether you are looking for a home, or some extra cash for Christmas, check out Michael's home. By helping Michael, you could end up helping yourself and that is what friends helping friends is all about. Everyone comes out a winner.

Happy home hunting.

- Kelvin

PS. You can also find Michael's property being advertised on the Lower Plenty 3093 postcode page.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Special offer for residents and businesses in Lower Plenty.

Online Connections is offering residents and businesses located in Lower Plenty, computer support with no call out charge for November and December 2008.

That's right. No call out fee. You only get charged for the time it takes to solve your problem, plus any out-of-pocket costs that may be incurred.

If your business or home falls is in the list of streets you can take advantage of this offer.

May all your computer problems be easy to fix.

- Kelvin

PS. For a low cost way to solve your computer problems, check out MyAnswers. If your problem has already been solved for someone else, the solution may have already been posted.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Outlook Express users read this before upgrading to Office 2007.

If you use Outlook Express and require spellchecking to work, then you may wish to think twice about upgrading to Office 2007.

Outlook Express works with the spellchecker built into earlier versions of Office/Word. But once you install Office 2007, your ability to spellcheck your email in Outlook Express is lost. To my knowledge there is no official fix from Microsoft to this problem.

One person contacting me for a solution (who was put onto me by Microsoft Australia support) was irate to lose their Outlook Express spellchecker after having spent hundreds of dollars upgrading to Office 2007.

There is a patch available from my site which adds spellchecking to Outlook Express and is suitable for most English speaking countries. It should be noted however the spellcheck dictionary is not as comprehensive as the Australian English spellcheck dictionary I provide. I would estimate it includes about a third of the words. However to get around the Office 2007/Outlook Express spellchecking issue, it is a good short term measure.

The spellchecking program and patch are provided by a third party and according to the developer won't be upgraded. It is an end-of-life program.

I would suggest after obtaining the spelling program (and patch if required) from my site, to think about the email clients available. Using web mail and the spellchecking dictionaries I provide with your browser, may be a good option for the future.

- Kelvin Eldridge

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Have you Googled lately?

Who hasn't. But the question is how did you Google and do you know these neat Google tricks?

On many computers I see, the Google toolbar installed taking up valuable screen space and causing issues. Get rid of it. Internet Explorer 7 has a great search facility built in.

We've put together some of our favourite Google tips and search techniques on our Fun With Search page. If you:
  • Want to know the weather
  • Need a handy calculator
  • Want to know the meaning of a word
  • Want to do a Google search with pages from your country as the default
  • Want to know what other people in others countries see when they search Google
  • and much more

then check out the JustLocal Fun With Search page.

One tip our clients love is the ability to set Google Australia as the default search in Internet Explorer 7. Most people think they are stuck of Microsoft's Live Search which is the default. Now they can click on a link on the Fun With Search page and set Google Australia, or Google Australia with pages from Australia as their default search engine. It couldn't be easier.

Happy searching.

- Kelvin Eldridge

PS. Have you ever wondered why when you sometimes search using Google it gives you the option to show only pages from the country, and other times this option isn't available. Try the search engines for the different countries and check the results. Can you work out why?