Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Virus Alert: Your friend invited you to twitter!

I noticed a couple of emails today with the subject Your friend invited you to twitter!. The sending email address is invitations@twitter.com. There is no indication of the friend's name, which makes the email appear suspicious. Attached is a zip file called Invitation Card.zip. The zip file contains the executable attachment.htm ... exe.

Whilst the attachment was not detected as containing malware by either the mail host/s (the email travels through two hosts with anti-virus software), or the Desktop anti-virus software, this is almost certainly malware. We've now submitted the attachment to the anti-virus software company for review.

In the meantime clients should take care and delete these emails. Without doubt these are faked emails, most likely designed to trick you into infecting your computer.

The company I use to review the attachment can be found in MyAnswers solution 1890.

- Kelvin Eldridge