Friday, February 25, 2011

Nunawading Community Bank

Do you want a community bank in Nunawading?... Read More

- Kelvin Eldridge

Product photographer Des Pitfield

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with Des Pitfield who is a talented photographer based in Doncaster East. Des shared some of his work with me and the positive testimonials he had received from his clients.

As I was talking with Des I noticed the infinite screen which enables him to take photos of products which I could only dream of. I've certainly tried taking photos of objects before, but for one reason or another, I've never really liked the outcome as the photos tend to have shadows or the lighting isn't right. As Des showed me the equipment he uses, I could see the issue I had with lighting is not a problem for Des.

Whilst my interest was in product photography because I have a number of clients and good pictures of their products, their business and their staff are images they need to help promote their business, Des can provide a whole range of photographic services.

If you need a family portrait, pictures of your family going about their day-to-day activities, pictures to promote yourself, your business or organisation, next time you need a photographer give Des a call.

You can find Des on the JustLocal Doncaster East page.

Kelvin Eldridge

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MyAnswers: TV guide for Melbourne on Apple iPhone

The following MyAnswers solution 2077 is now available:

How to add the Freeview TV Guide for Melbourne for both now and tonight as icons on your Apple iPhone Home screen.

Click here to obtain the solution.

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Kelvin Eldridge

Monday, February 21, 2011

LaTrobe Uni student parking fees

I noticed the La Trobe University car parking fee showed considerable bias towards the student Union. Many years ago I heard it was no longer compulsory to join the student Union which I felt was fair. People should have the choice to join or not join a Union in my opinion.

But if you check out the parking fees they fees appear to bias the situation towards students joining the Union. If you;re not a Union member you pay $230 a year. If you join the Union, which costs $100, you pay $140 a year. Now either it costs $140 for parking or it doesn't. There really is little reason for the two to be linked together. Also interestingly staff pay just $5 more for parking than students at $235. Whilst I'm not one for staff having to pay parking fees, if fees are charged, it doesn't quite seem fair for the difference to be $5.

Perhaps one day we'll see universities as models for our society. It didn't happen in my day and it still looks to be some time off.

What do you think? Do you feel there should be one fee for all, irrespective of their income? Do you feel unionism should be linked to the parking fees?

Kelvin Eldridge

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

BNI Business Networkers blog training session

Today I will be giving a short presentation to the BNI Business Networkers chapter on blogging and how a networking group can use blogging to help share information and opportunities to people they know.

You can find more details on the BNI Business Networkers blog. Visitors are welcome.

If you would like to find out more about blogging and how you can use blogging in your business or even as a low cost internet presence to promote your business on the internet you are welcome to contact me.

Kelvin Eldridge

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alert: New Adobe Acrobat Reader 2011, Upgrade Available Now

I received a number of emails with the subject of New Adobe Acrobat Reader 2011, Upgrade Available Now. My advice is to disregard these emails as they are most likely malicious in intent. If you want to upgrade Adobe Acrobat Reader go the to the Adobe site and download the software from there. Do not click on a link in an email you receive. The same applies to any other vendors software.
If you use a link in an email it may look legitimate but links are easily faked. By going to the site you are in control and know the site you are going to.

Kelvin Eldridge


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alert: ZyGMA7(60): How to Implement the Outdoor Wireless for IP Surveillance?

I receive emails from ZyGMA7 on a regular basis and decided to let others know I've never contacted or used this company. I don't even know if the company is legitimate. What I do know is they are using multiple emails addresses from my sites that could have only been obtained by someone scraping my sites for email addresses.

My advice is to avoid any company that sends unsolicited emails and to delete any email you receive from them. Companies not abiding by the anti-spam legislation are unlikely to look after your interests.

Kelvin Eldridge

Why you should think twice about providing your postcode to retailers

Over the years I've often been asked for my postcode by the cashier when I complete a purchase. I haven't really felt it was required, but think why not and just provide the postcode. My thought is the retailer probably collects the stats about where their customers are coming from and that helps to fine tune their marketing. I'm OK with that.

With JustLocal I ask people for their postcode because my aim is to provide localised and relevant information to them, rather than sending emails to everyone on the mailing list resulting in people getting emails that aren't relevant to them.

But when I read this article recently, I thought how naive have I been.

It appears that at least in one case one business was doing much more with the postcode information and as we all know, if one business is doing it, chances are others businesses are doing it as well. When you obtain the postcode and the person's name from their credit card details you can use databases to match the person with their address. This information is then being used to create mailing lists which are made available for sale.

I had never thought companies would be taking my information and then selling that information to third parties. But now I wonder. I've often received those joint promotions from those rewards schemes which make it obvious the company sending the offer (which isn't the company with the reward scheme, but often a financial company trying to sell finance or insurance) is pretty obvious. But what about those other letters I've received that I didn't think about.

With JustLocal you have my commitment that your information goes no further than my business. I don't provide your details to anyone. All emails you receive based on your data are from me.

I even go one step further. Your email addresses is kept offline.

It concerns me that so many businesses upload people's details into third party services such as mailing list software. Some of those services are free or very low cost and chances are if they are free, your data is being used in some way without your knowledge. If your personal details are stored online there is a good chance that data will be hacked at some stage. We regularly hear of the biggest businesses in the world having their systems hacked, so chances are there is little chance for companies who put your data online will be able to guarantee it is protected. By keeping your data offline  I ensure the exposure to your data is extremely minimal.

Next time when that friendly cashier looks up at you and asks you for your postcode, you may think twice about providing it. I know I will seriously think twice about providing my postcode details when asked.

Kelvin Eldridge  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recent MyAnswers computer technology solutions

The following are a list of documented solutions for problems solved for clients and information I felt may be of interest to others as part of my ongoing research of computer technology issues. The solutions are made available to the public with the aim of saving people time and money by helping people solve in implement a solution should they encounter the same or similar problem. All MyAnswers solutions come with a no hassles money back guarantee.



Can I use the Telstra Wi-Fi hotspot to provide shared internet access in my home and small business instead of ADSL or cable internet access with a Wi-Fi router?
Internet Access
Is there a limit to the number of people you can send to in the one email when using the Three broadband service?
On my Apple iPhone when in Safari if I press on the title bar I scroll to the top of the page. Is there a similar feature in Internet Explorer?
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A simple tip to reduce 3G data usage when playing free games on the Apple iPhone.
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Making use of the Apple iPhone lock screen.
Apple iPhone

Can I use my Telstra 3G broadband stick SIM in my Apple 3GS iPhone for just data services?
Apple iPhone
Toshiba NB200 netbook computer when turned on has a black screen and the fan starts for around a second and then stops.

How do I determine who owns a web site domain?
I've noticed a few features missing in Windows 7 phone which I think are important. I decided to create this solution to document features both present and missing which I find of interest.
Is it detoxify or detoxicate?
Australian Dictionary
Notes on my experience in setting up a Telstra prepaid mobile broadband SIM.
Internet Access

Free wireless at Doncaster Shoppingtown in the food court and provided by McDonald's almost never works. I decided to survey the shopping centre and provide the locations for free wireless access.
Internet Access
I have a Word 2007 document which has a page header with page numbering starting at 8. How do I change this so it starts at 6?
Microsoft Word
In Internet Explorer 8 when I type an web site address wrong by one character I end up with the Google search page. All I want to do is correct the wrong character in the address bar but now it contains a lengthy URL. How do I disable passing the option to show Google search results?
Internet Explorer
Kelvin Eldridge
PS. You can find the latest solutions on the recent solutions page on the MyAnswers site and also as each solution is created, the solution is made available on the MyAnswers blog.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alert: Job opportunity. Company Representative Is Needed. Employment opportunity. Job offer match.

Recently I've noticed a considerable number of job opportunity emails both received and bouncing back from email servers to my address. These are spam emails and many have been faked to use someone else's email address.

If you receive any unsolicited job opportunities I would suggest you delete the emails. I suspect most are attempts to gather people's information.

The following are some of the subjects from emails that I've noticed.

Job opportunity  - hurry to apply!
Company Representative Is Needed (Job Offer Employment)
Employment opportunity
Job offer match, respond to apply

I crosschecked where one of the emails was sent from and it came from the Ukraine. A good indication these emails are to be treated as potentially malicious.

Given the volume of these emails it is likely that people will be tricked. Don't be tricked. Treat all unsolicited emails as being in breach of the anti-spam legislation. The way I look at unsolicited emails is if they are so easily prepared to breach the law, chances are they aren't legitimate and will have no respect for your information.

Kelvin Eldridge

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pizza Hut voucher leaves a bad taste at Templestowe Newmans Road outlet

Today I'd like to share a very poor experience I had lately as it really does show how important it is to consider whether or not it you should buy into a franchise or build you build under your own name.

Last night I had voucher for a buy one get one free pizza offer from the Pizza Hut. I had my wife place the order via their telephone service and she called me back letting me know the price was going to be $9.50. Pretty good value really. I then turned up at the Newmans Road Pizza Hut outlet in Templestowe. Walked and presented the voucher, giving my name and the price we were told. I didn't think much about it. But then the franchise owner said no. They're not supplying it at the price. I said that was the price we were told. He said no. It is $10.95. I said that wasn't good enough. Pizza Hut had given me a price and they should provide the product at the agreed price. They said no. I walked out without the pizza and decided to go elsewhere.

I thought no, this really isn't good enough. Pizza Hut can't do this to people. I asked my wife to call the Pizza Hut line and let them know what was happening. They admitted they'd made a mistake at $9.50 and the amount entered into the computer was $9.95 which I was happy with. So I went back in and let Pramod know. He said no again. In the meantime the Pizza Hut service called them and their staff said they were refusing to provide the pizza at the price. We escalated it to management but nothing changed.

This is a case where you use the Pizza Hut telephone service to order a Pizza and the local franchisee decides he doesn't want to provide it. To me that is a total breakdown in the Pizza Hut service and leaves me with no confidence in Pizza Hut as a business. Once this happens I no longer trust the Pizza Hut brand and that affects all franchise owners.

This was such a bad experience for me, that we as a family have vowed never to use Pizza Hut again. I've found in the past making a complaint to large companies like Pizza Hut to be largely a waste of time. What really are they going to do or say. The best thing you can do is to take your business elsewhere. In this case this is the second bad experience we've had with the Templestowe Pizza Hut with the new owners.

As a business if you are in a franchise the actions of one franchise may affect your business. In this case if you own a Pizza Hut franchise you won't be getting the business of our family. Of course losing one customer makes little difference to a large business like Pizza Hut, but if they treat people poorly and that becomes endemic in their way of doing business and their systems, then it will have a long term impact. Having a local store overrule the central ordering process means the trust we build up in the Pizza Hut brand which has taken years, is effectively destroyed by one store owner in a moment.

No business is perfect, but if I'm affected by a business that's not part of a franchise I stop using that business. In a franchise I stop using all the services that work under the same umbrella.

I'm sharing this experience as it shows that whilst working under the umbrella of a well known brand name may attract business, there are also situations where it may lose you business.

For me now the two businesses I will give my pizza purchases to will be Panic Pizza in Doncaster East and Rustico Pizza in Bulleen. I've found both of these businesses to be very good and friendly. Both provide pizza the family feels is much better than Pizza Hut. The advantage Pizza Hut had was their vouchers can save some money, but the bad experience and the time wasted for me means their coupons have little value and I won't be wasting my time with them again.

I wonder how many others have experienced similar poor customer service from Pizza Hut.

Kelvin Eldridge

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