Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freeview guide not working when viewed from a computer.

Yesterday during the day, channel 9 and associated channels didn't appear in the online Freeview TV guide. This wasn't obvious until later. Last night channel 9, Gem and Go, were absent from the TV guide. This was quite unusual.

Today the Freeview online guide is showing no channels at all.

I've found often with technology, if something happens over the weekend, the situation doesn't get fixed as you think it should. I suspect this is because there's only a skeleton crew available to handle problems.

If you need a TV guide the guide in the TV appears to be working. In addition you may wish to try another site such as

Kelvin Eldridge

Monday, June 23, 2014

Google's Search Magic Revealed - spam

I've received quite a few emails to different email accounts with the subject "Google's Search Magic Revealed".

I've not seen that particularly spamming message and thought it was a change from the regular SEO marketing spam I receive.

Checking the IP address the email was received from, indicates the email used Google's servers which I felt was strange. You would think Google would be one of the most advanced companies in detecting and stopping spam.

If you receive emails from people you don't know it is best to delete them.

If you want to have your business seen think about using JustLocal. JustLocal doesn't use any of the undesirable marketing tactics to promote businesses.

Kelvin Eldridge
JustLocal (An Online Connections service.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Virtual Assistant Melbourne - Welcome to Emily Obouhoff from Your Virtual Guru.

I'd like to welcome Emily Obouhoff who is a virtual assistant in Melbourne. If you're looking for a virtual assistant/bookkeeper contact Emily.

Visit Emily's site Your Virtual Guru for more information which can be found on the JustLocal page

Kelvin Eldridge

Monday, June 09, 2014

Frankston accountant - Perhaps have you thought about a bookkeeper?

If you run business in or around the Frankston area and are thinking about using the services of an accountant to assist with your record keeping, then perhaps consider a bookkeeper.

J Hesketh Bookkeeping Services is conveniently located close to Frankston in Langwarrin and provides a range of bookkeeping services. You can find J Hesketh Bookkeeping Services on the Langwarrin postcode page of JustLocal (

Kelvin Eldridge

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Australian Dictionary - The preferred Australian English spelling for Microsoft Office on Windows and Mac OSX.

Australian Dictionary - The preferred Australian English spelling is available for Microsoft Office on Windows and Mac OSX.

Isn't the Australian Dictionary provided with Microsoft Office good enough?

The answer is for many people it isn't. The standard dictionary includes many secondary spelling variations which are often considered incorrect in Australia. For example, the word summarize with the 'ize' spelling is included as well as the preferred spelling summarise.

Why does it matter?

Because there are two spelling variations for a word it is possible to include both spelling variations in a single document. This for example can happen easily when copying and pasting text from multiple sources. Many people, including those in tertiary education, believe the secondary spelling variations with 'ize' are spelt using American English. Of course this isn't right, but since they don't know better, students get their work marked as incorrect. The same is true for many people in business and if you're applying for a job, or writing a report, your choice of a spelling variation could make a considerable difference.

There are also dozens of errors the preferred Australian English spelling files for Microsoft Office fix.

So if you'd prefer to produce consistent documents using the preferred Australian English spelling, get a copy of the files today. Visit

Kelvin Eldridge
Creator of the preferred Australian English spelling files for MS Office.