Monday, January 30, 2012

Lakes Entrance detour via Scrivener Road

Leaving Lakes Entrance this morning around 9:30am found the road out was blocked with traffic at a standstill. Took Scrivener Road out. Police are directing Lakes Entrance traffic to Scrivener Road. Pretty worrying. Dirt track. Wet muddy and slippery with large trucks trying to get through with little room to move. If you're visiting Lakes Entrance this morning perhaps have a stop earlier and hope whatever the problem is, it clears. Noticed CFA vehicle and ambulance with lights and siren this morning in Lakes Entrance when leaving. Kelvin Eldridge Call 0415 910 703 if you require help with your computer. No problem too small.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MyAnswers: Using iPhone 3GS Bluetooth to connect Android tablet to the internet

The following MyAnswers solution 2190 is now available:

I decided to test connecting an Android Tablet (Toshiba and Acer) to an iPhone 3GS using Bluetooth tethering to connect to the internet and was surprised by the result.

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Kelvin Eldridge
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Alert: Mates Rates (AU) - Sell your products & services on our website

I’ve been receiving quite a few spam emails from Image Marketing Group under the banner of Mates Rates.

I’d advise that if you receive a spam email from a company you should consider not dealing with that company. Remember if they’re spamming you then they’re spamming others. You should use businesses which are respectful of the laws of the country.

If you receive these emails delete them and don’t be tempted to deal with them.

Kelvin Eldridge

Hailstones in Templestowe

Certainly is a wild and woolly day weather wise in Templestowe. The power is still off and now we've just had a hailstone shower. Kelvin Eldridge Call 0415 910 703 if you require help with your computer. No problem too small.