Saturday, October 14, 2006

Using a blog to promote a business

We decided to test the concept of using a blog promote a business.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • Anyone can easily create a blog
  • Blogs are free
  • Blogs are a modern and acceptable means of sharing information
  • Blogs can be set up almost instantly

A blog could be used as a complete website, or simply a component of an existing website.

We see many uses of blogs for the advertisers of JustLocal.

For example many community groups or individuals can now take advantage of the Free For Community Use section of JustLocal. However many such groups or individuals don't have a web presence. A blog could provide the presence they need to get started, and in many cases it may be all they need.

A blog can be used to keep users informed of new products and services. A blog could link to a website, or deeper into a website such as

Blogs provide a new, low cost approach for businesses wanting an Internet presence and is something we feel businesses should explore.