Monday, March 22, 2010

Malware alert: Verify your ANZ online Bank statement for the month of march

By now I would have thought most people would simply delete this type of email. But recently on the news I've heard of people responding to emails like this so I thought it best to continue to warn others.

Delete these emails. They are attempting to trick people into revealing their banking details.

I highly recommend people do not provide their email address to a financial institution. There is no reason for them to keep your email address on record. My banks don't have my details so I know every email I receive from a bank or financial institution is fake and thus malicious.

I also use OzEfilter (a product I wrote) to delete emails at the mail server safely away from my computer.

On the news recently I saw people buying cars unseen from fake eBay motor emails. Today I received an interesting post on one of my sites with the following:

6 Hours Ago I received a phone message from (+972) 284-0600 / (+972) 2840600 and was made to believe the the person calling was a scam.

This person then goes on to ask for assistance. I suspect this is a scam that is cleverly designed to trick good natured people. Those who help are most likely more gullible and thus likely to be scammed.

What I suggest is with any unexpected email that looks even slightly unusual, perform a Google search on a section of text and see if you get results. For example do a search on the phone number and enclose it with quotes. You'll see quite a few people questioning whether the same email or perhaps a call. The telephone number may be real because that is what could be used as bait, but the intent of the communication is to trick the person into doing something.

The best thing is to delete the email and not respond.

It appears the volume of undesirable activity designed to fleece people is rapidly rising on the internet. Take care because it only takes a moments lapse to do something with an undesirable outcome.

I hope these experiences help others.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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