Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Nearly all comments on blogs are advertising

Every day I get comments posted on one of my blogs. What amazes me is nearly every one of them is a business either spamming or a trying to advertise themselves.

I can understand rouge businesses from overseas trying to promote themselves, but what really surprises me is the number of businesses in Australia which think it is OK to blog spam to promote their business. They wouldn’t even consider spamming people with emails, but have no issue with writing spam on other companies blogs with the only intent to use a blog comment to promote their business.

I remember being contacted by a number of businesses asking me to write a comment on their blog saying good things about them. I get computer repair businesses writing comments on my blogs which really if they’re in the business should know the answer and if they don’t, they shouldn’t be in the business.

So next time you’re reading comments on a blog whether they be glowing praise or something else, put on your doubting Thomas hat. Most of it could be self promotion or blog spam. Either way it doesn’t help you make a better decision.

My policy with my blogs is review each comment and only release comments which are legitimate. I will write praise on other blogs and leave a thank you with specific information (not “this is a fantastic blog” like spammers do) showing my appreciation.

I’d suggest if you have or are thinking of setting up a blog that you don’t automatically release comments. Most comments will be spam promoting other businesses and that doesn’t help your clients. Make the extra effort, your clients will appreciate it.

Kelvin Eldridge
(An Online Connections service.)

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