Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Templestowe Computer Repair business (serving Templestowe and the surrounding area)

I always find it interesting to think about the hundreds of businesses in Templestowe working from home that I simply don't know about. People search for words like Templestowe, Templestowe Vic, Templestowe Lower, Lower Templestowe, Templestowe Restaurant, Templestowe Victoria, Templestowe School, Templestowe Accommodation, Templestowe Postcode, or Templestowe Hotel, but unless someone knows you or your business name, they're not likely to find you.

It is estimated there are over 800 to 1,000 businesses in the Templestowe area with most being home based businesses. With approximately 5,000 homes in Templestowe this would indicate around one in five homes is running a business but you'd never know.
The problem is the cost to advertise is very high and in general, the return for the money invested not very good. I probably should add that by not very good I would have to say in most cases there is no return for the money spent. The aim of JustLocal is to make local advertising cost effective for small businesses.

To me the only way to make advertising cost effective is to offer a money back guarantee. If advertising doesn't work, currently the only business benefiting, is the business getting the advertising money and to me that isn't fair. If you pay money you should get something in return for your money. That's why JustLocal offers a money back guarantee.

I promote my own computer support business on JustLocal and the result has been better than every other form of advertising.

If you're looking for a cost effective way to promote your business locally, where you can't lose, consider advertising on JustLocal.

If you're in Templestowe or the surrounding area and require assistance with your computer or an internet presence, I can be contacted on 0415 910 703 or via the contact form on this site, or the Online Connections site.

Kelvin Eldridge
(An Online Connections service.)

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