Friday, March 09, 2012

Apple iOS 5.1 update Australian release date

Tim Cook recently announced the iOS 5.1 update was available immediately.

I use an older 3GS iPhone and none of the new features made me feel there was an urgent need to update. To my surprise the update had started without my knowledge.

I sometimes use a 3G wireless hotspot and without realising it, the mobile phone switched to the wireless service which I had on to test Android 4 on a tablet. The 3GS was plugged in and charging. This combination was sufficient for the iOS 5.1 update to silently and without my knowledge to start updating. I only knew the update had started because when I checked to see if iOS 5.1 was available, I was surprised the download was already started but in a paused state.

The caution here is to watch your data plan usage if you're using a 3G wireless hotspot, or make sure you turn off wireless on your Apple device when not using the feature. The same situation could occur if you're using an Android or Apple 4/4S as a hotspot with a Touch or iPad. I had no idea the update would occur without warning. Usually I'll connect to a fixed broadband service for large updates.

The good news is the iOS 5.1 update is available now for Australian users. Connect your device to power and a WiFi connection and the update should start. I'd also suggest using the software update feature to manually check for updates and make sure the update starts. If you have an older version of iOS (before version 5) you'll need to perform the update using iTunes, which I believe is a very big update.

Two features that caught my attention are: the camera is now available from the lock screen, which is convenient, and apps that can be downloaded without a WIFi connection has increased from 20MB to 50MB, so watch that data usage.

Happy iOS 5.1'ing.

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