Monday, March 26, 2012

Laptop repairs Doncaster, Templestowe, Eltham and surrounding areas.

Most laptop repairs are problems with software and not the actual hardware. If you have a hardware problem with a laptop computer it can often be very expensive and if it is an older laptop, often it may not worth repairing. If you have a problem which isn’t hardware and is software related, then a repair can be very cost effective.

For example one client had a HP netbook which when it was started did nothing but come up with a blank screen. HP advised the price would most likely be around $550 to replace the motherboard, which was more than the cost of many new netbooks. Another seemingly simple problem where the user damages the power connector can also be an expensive repair because of the work involved.

As long as your laptop computer can start to the bios or Windows screen, there is a good chance your computer can be repaired.

It is a good idea to get a quote for a repair. Many businesses will quote a fixed price. I recently heard of one company who comes up in the Google ads on searches, charged retirees $250 for a 15 minute job. I don’t consider that appropriate.

My approach is to set an upper limit so the client knows worst case what to expect. An older computer only has a certain value and it is crazy to spend too much money on a repair. In some cases it takes more time to do the repair and to me that is good luck for the client. When it takes me less time, that is the time I charge the client, so in both cases the client comes out a winner. On a couple of occasions where I’ve investigated a problem and found I can’t fix the problem because it is a particular type of hardware failure, there has been no cost to the client. I simply return their equipment and thank them for using my services. I see no reason, if I don’t provide value to a customer, that they should be out of pocket. Other businesses have done that to me and I know it doesn’t feel good, so it isn’t something I’ll do to others.

If you have a computer problem, give me a call and I’ll look after you to the best of my ability.

Kelvin Eldridge
Call 0415 910 703 if you require computer assistance.
Covering Templestowe, Doncaster, Eltham and the surrounding areas.

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