Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alert: iPhone 5 dream pack only 29.95 !

I’ve received multiple emails to different email accounts with the subject “iPhone 5 dream pack only 29.95 !” supposedly from Ready Steady Shop.

These emails are unsolicited spam sent to email addresses obtained from the internet. They may also be a scam.

Australian businesses know spamming is illegal and I would highly recommend if you receive spam from an Australian business that no matter how good the offer you should delete the emails.

If you receive spam you can forward the spam to Don’t change the subject or add anything else to the email.

It would be very easy to eliminate spam in Australia if the will was there. Once spam was verified to be of significant volume the domain could be redirected to ensure just as a car is impounded if people are breaking the law. Luckily in Australia most people respect the law. It is better to support ethical businesses because they are more likely to support you.

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