Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alert: Ticketek Purchase

Just received a faked email pretending to be from Ticketek with the subject “Ticketek Purchase”. There is an attached file “” which contains malware. You should delete these emails.

Note: Windows 8 built-in antivirus does not detect many new malware programs but then again neither do most of the other programs people would generally use. Your only defence is caution.

A quirk in Outlook means if you do save this file (and many similar files I’ve reviewed) you aren’t able to open the file which inadvertently protects you. If you use web mail and download the attached file you can open the file. This is not a recommendation for Outlook, just an observation.

You should delete any suspicious emails immediately and treat all attachments with care. In MyAnswers solution 2293 I share the approach and site I use to check attachments for malware.

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