Monday, December 17, 2012

Debt Collector Melbourne - Don't wait until an unpaid amount becomes a bad debt. Get assistance sooner and you may end up avoiding the debt collector stage.

As a business owner have you found yourself in the position where a person for no reason decides to delay payment? The problem is you did the work for them, they dealt with you and they haven't paid you so it is a waiting game.

Sooner or later you'll probably go away and they end up not paying.

Surprisingly, a way to reduce the unpaid amounts is to get a person to act as your accounts receivable person. A call from a different person often has the effect of recovering unpaid amounts. People are more inclined to believe you are serious when they receive a call from someone who is more skilled in getting payment for you. You won't get paid every time, but you should get paid more often and you won't have the stress of dealing with people you'd rather not call.

If you run your own business and would appreciate assistance in chasing up money owed to you, give Kim Raddock a call at Credit Matters on 03 9802 0608. You can also find Credit Matters on the Glen Waverley postcode page

Kelvin Eldridge

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