Thursday, May 29, 2014

Search Australia is now the default search for JustLocal.

The design of JustLocal is such that a general search facility is not required. However, people like to search and I wanted something people could use that would make it easier to for people to find Australian businesses.

The previous search facility was very similar to Search Australia, but Search Australia now uses the code which is used for a range of search services, so will continue being developed.

People should keep in mind that with Search Australia only sites using .au domains return results. Some Australian companies decide to use domains which end in .com and that is their choice. That choice however does make it harder for Australians to determine if a site is Australian or an overseas site. You can always use Google, Bing or Yahoo to perform a broader search by first entering the letter g, b, or y before the search phrase. Further details are provided in the Help page.

Kelvin Eldridge  

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