Friday, January 26, 2018

Testing a TrackR device. Will the crowd find the TrackR device attached to a set of car keys?

OK. Decided to test another TrackR device. This time with some help we attached a TrackR to a person's car keys. The aim, to see if the crowd provides the location and the TrackR device.

As the car keys go about their normal activity, the test is to see if the TrackR is located. This includes activities such as travelling on public transport, attending sporting events and travelling in and out of the city which in theory should pass by thousands of people. Perhaps one or more will have the TrackR software running.

The first test tonight, is Olympic park and travelling by train to and from the soccer.

Let's see how it goes. Will TrackR locate the car keys using the crowd?

Kelvin Eldridge
Online Connections
IT support.

Update: 29 Jan 2018
TrackR not detected at Olympic Park or over the weekend. Not detected train from Eastern suburbs to city and around the Docklands.

21 May 2018
Feb 11 - Crowd locate - Eastland food court
Mar 6 - Crowd locate - Brunton Avenue, Near Melbourne Cricket Ground, possibly on train line.
Mar 13 - Crowd locate - Corner Williams and Collins Street.

Overall, in roughly four months the TrackR was located four times. In all cases the TrackR was located in an area where there is likely to be a large number of people. Four times in four months and never in a suburban area would indicate if an item a TrackR is attached to ends up in someone's place in the suburbs there's almost no chance the item would be found.

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