Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Optus fusion plan upgrade that promotes as giving more but gives me less

Today I received a call from Optus telling me they were upgrading my Optus Fusion account for free and how they were giving me more benefits for free which included more data. As it turned out during the call something twigged. I really have lost confidence in telephone companies. When they say they are offering me more, I have to ask why and what they are taking away.

I've seen Optus change their plans before where they introduced a fantastic bargain package (two telephone lines, dial-up internet and basic cable TV for around $25) and then after the contract was up separated all the components so it wasn't obvious and the new price totalled around $80.

During the call they said I'd have unlimited local calls and unlimited national calls. I'd also receive unlimited calls to Optus mobiles. I said wait a minute. I already get unlimited calls to all mobiles, not just Optus. I told them quickly I didn't want them to touch my plan. They were giving me more data which I don't currently use and taking away mobile calls which I do currently use.

I checked the Optus web site and the Optus Fusion plans have changed. The $109 plan with unlimited calls to any mobile is now the $129 plan with more data. I only use 50% of my current data allowance and so extra data isn't currently of value to me.

If you receive a call from Optus telemarketing be very careful. You could be changing to a plan that ends up costing you more.

I am now out of contract and paying month to month. I am really concerned that Optus will start charging me for something which I believe is currently included in my plan. At $129 I'd seriously review what Optus is offering.

I would suggest if you receive a call to thank them for their time and then hang up. Go to their web site and check the plans. A telephone call from a telco's representatives is more likely to be in their favour than yours. It is important you look after your interests.

- Kelvin Eldridge

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