Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apple iPhones purr

Who would have thought your Apple iPhone loves you and purrs when you stroke it.

A while ago I noticed something quite unusual about my Apple iPhone 3GS. As I rubbed my thumb along the shiny chrome edge of the iPhone it felt rough for some reason. I thought perhaps there was something sticky along the edge. I checked and the edge was clean.

As I moved my thumb gently along the edge it felt like my iPhone was purring. Now I like my iPhone, but I really didn't expect it to like me too.

Sadly I found my iPhone hasn't developed feelings for me. It appears that sometimes when the iPhone is charging with the screen displaying information, the edge of the iPhone becomes live. I'm not sure what the voltage is, but I assume it is quite low.

If I hold the iPhone to close to my ear as a stroke the edge of the iPhone, I can actually hear the hum of electricity. In the past I thought I was prickled from my iPhone and thought it was my imagination. Now it makes sense. The metal on the iPhone appears to be live. Personally I prefer to think of the iPhone as being alive;-)

I wonder how many other people have a purring iPhone.

- Kelvin Eldridge


  1. This sounds like a bit of a worry to me. What are the health implications, and what is the drain on the battery?

    Did you notice the errors in, "If I hold the iPhone to close to my ear as a stroke the edge of the iPhone, I can actually hear the hum of electricity"? Do we need an Australian English grammar-checker and style-guide that works on online forms?

    (Just kidding, Kelvin. Keep up the good work.)

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    I have no idea of the health implications, but it is a concern. The good thing for me is I only use my iPhone as a portable computer, so it shouldn't affect me.

    At first I thought there was something sticky on the chrome. Listening to it purr was something I did once I realised what was happening.

    Of course my iPhone might be the only one which purrs, which would make it pretty special.

    In terms of battery life, this only occurs when the iPhone is plugged into the power charger, which I would think means it should have no effect on the battery life.