Friday, August 12, 2011

Alert: Competitive Printer from China

I received an email with the subject Competitive Printer from China and thought I’d advise people to take care. There are a number of things which flag this email as suspicious.

The From field is and this email appears to have nothing to do with Google.

The email is unsolicited referencing a business directory I’ve never heard of which if legitimate, has most likely scraped my email address from my site as I’ve never listed in any business directory. I don’t have to. JustLocal is better than any business directory I know and that is where I promote my business.

I’d highly recommend if you’re contacted out of the blue by any service provider that is a generalised mail out, to discard the offer. Had the company been in Australia it may be in breach of the anti-spam Act. Any business that does not take into account the laws of the country they are marketing too is a company to be wary of.

I’d highly recommend that you delete this type of email and contact a local supplier or make your own enquiries using reputable online information that you can verify.

Kelvin Eldridge

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