Friday, August 05, 2011

Templestowe Medical Centre for sick computers now live

The other day I went to the doctors in Templestowe and thought if I had a sick computer where would I take it or who would I call. I provide computer support to people in Templestowe and the surrounding area and I thought for many people I am their computer doctor. If the computer gets a virus infection I fix it. If the computer is running sluggish I fix it. If their network is not working I fix it. Now calling myself a doctor is a bit over the top, but to some I am their computer doctor.

As part of running JustLocal I also want to show local businesses how easy it is to set up a web presence. My approach is to lead by example so I decided to promote the computer doctor aspect of my business with a single page site to show others how easy it is. The site is All that is required is a single page promoting your business and you have a web presence allowing people to find you.

Now for me this is fairly easy stuff but I wanted to run through the entire process to show clients the steps involved and how easy it is. One person I trained a while ago to set up their own site is now going out showing others how to set up their sites. The person has basic office computer skills like most people so really they only needed two things. Software to help them create their web page and the knowledge to set it up. I provided the knowledge and they purchased some software and learnt the software themselves. For them the best part is they rarely need to call anyone about their site and they can modify whenever they want. That saves them hundreds in supports costs every year. I get the occasional support call when they want to do something don't know how to do it..

If you have a sick computer and live in Templestowe, Templestowe Lower, Doncaster, Doncaster East, Eltham, Montmorency or Lower Plenty call me. I don't charge a call out fee. I offer a money back guarantee and because I'm local I can usually get to your place the same or next day.

If you have a business or a venture you'd like to promote on the internet I'm available to help. My presence on the internet is exceptional and I can help you obtain a better presence. Most others will sell you services which are based on hype and pretty average knowledge. I can show you how to check their presence and you'll see if they can't do it for themselves then what hope have they to do it for you. My presence is proof that what I do works and I'm prepared to back it with a money back guarantee.

I believe every small business or even individuals wanting to sell a product or service could benefit from an internet presence. It really doesn't have to cost much and for most people all they need is the knowledge and they can do it themselves.

Kelvin Eldridge

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