Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Templestowe Primary School, residents and business. Local computer support now available from Online Connections.

I’ve found over time a lot of people think their Windows XP computer has become too slow and end up purchasing or thinking about buying a new computer. After I clean up the computer for the person the decision to buy a new computer because of performance is often no longer an issue and the family can decide in their own time whether or not they want a new computer.

Even if you buy a new computer a Windows XP computer makes a great second computer. Connect it to your home network either via a wired or wireless connection and families tend to have less arguments as to who gets to use the computer.

If you don’t have a wireless network this can be a great investment. Often children want to use the computer to stay in contact with friends. With a wireless network they’re often able to stay in contact using an Apple iPod Touch or their mobile phone. This has quite a few benefits. The computer doesn’t get used as much which saves power, it frees up the computer for the heavy duty work such as assignments. Because the family has more ways to access the internet there tends to be less contention and arguments.

If your computer needs a cleanup, isn’t working as it should, or you’d like to have a wireless network set up, then give me a call. Online Connections is local. We have a policy of not charging travel time or a call out fee for locals since there is very little travel time involved. Our approach means easy problems (for us) can be fixed quickly at a lower cost.

Call us now on 0415 910 703 if you have a computer problem.

Kelvin Eldridge


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