Thursday, January 12, 2017

Woolworths petrol stations drop prices to 115.9 at some petrol stations whilst others go up to 144.9.

I was quite surprised to see Woolworths petrol drop the price for unleaded in some of their petrol stations to 115.9. Not all petrol stations as other Woolworths petrol stations are higher and some even 144.9.

The Petrol Prices Melbourne web app shows the 144.9 petrol station as dark red and the 115.9 dark green.

Right now petrol prices are going up so to see this last minute move by Woolworths to drop prices significantly was quite a surprise. Add a discount voucher and you're down to 111.9 for unleaded petrol which isn't too bad at all.

I doubt if these prices will last, or who knows how the market will respond, but whilst the prices are there, it may be worth filling or topping up.


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