Thursday, February 09, 2017

New speed and red light camera locations now live.

According to the following news article on The Age site a number of new speed and red light cameras are now live.

For those who have used or checked the Speed Camera Locations site ( these camera locations and the pending upgrades had already been present for quite some time. However this does mean fines will shortly be enforced.

The majority of the locations are upgrades from wet film cameras to modern speed and red light cameras. The number of fines generated by wet film cameras is often quite low due to the manual effort involved. With the new cameras, we can expect to see a significant increase in fines.

The two locations that according to the article which haven't been released, are most likely Brighton Road and Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea and Nepean Highway and Centre Road, Brighton East. These are upgrades from wet-flim cameras.

Most of us know the locations of red light and speed cameras we pass every day, but if you're travelling in a strange location, or perhaps switched jobs and thus your route to work, checking the locations is a good idea.

The Speed Camera Locations site provides the ability to see a map of the locations so you can drill down and check the roads you travel on. The Speed Camera Locations site also has an alert feature, which can be used to alert you to nearby speed or red light cameras. If travelling in a strange area or taking a new route, the alert feature can be useful for helping you learn where the cameras are located.

There is now very little tolerance when it comes to going over the speed limit, and from what I've seen, no tolerance for red light camera incursions, so it is good to know where the cameras are located. There's no need to mention the fine for red light and speed camera violations is huge and can financially impact many people on limited or constrained incomes. Best to drive appropriately at all times. Whether you consider the fines unfair, a tax, or a cash grab by the government, the bottom line is these fines can be avoided by driving appropriately.

Kelvin Eldridge

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