Monday, May 08, 2017

ASIC renewal email faked

Today I received a couple of emails from ASIC that were fake. They actually don't look too bad for fakes and could easily trick an unsuspecting business owner or small business admin person. The emails were to renew the business name.

The reason these could so easily trick someone is renewing a business name is something we only do every three years. By the time you get a renewal you've most likely forgotten when it needs to be renewed and no one wants to forget to renew their business name.

As always with any email you receive, don't trust it. If you think you need to renew your business name, open your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) and enter the address for ASIC's site. Then log on and check your details. Clicking on a link in an email is simply asking for trouble.

Most of the links in this email are valid. The only link, which is the most important link, the renewal letter link, does not take you to the ASIC site, but potentially a phishing or scamming site. (I didn't check where the link went.) You can see where the link will take someone from the image below. To see where the link will take you, most browsers allow you to hover over the link. Mobile devices however don't do this and it is much easier to inadvertently click on the link which trying to see the destination for the link.

This post is to alert others to be careful of emails purporting to be from ASIC, when in actual fact they are fake and most likely malicious.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

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