Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How to add JustLocal Search to Google Chrome.

On the JustLocal Search page I've provided links when allows anyone to quickly add a number of search engines to Internet Explorer and Firefox. This approach doesn't work with Google Chrome.

To add JustLocal Search to Google Chrome do the following:

Select the spanner (Customise) icon at the right.
Select Options.
Select the Basics tab.
Click Manage in the Default search section.
Click Add.

For Name: enter JustLocal Search
For Keyword: enter jl
For URL: enter

Click OK
Click Close

I thought this was a neat feature. Now in the address area of the browser I can enter jl and then what I want to search for and it will use the JustLocal Search engine. Very convenient.

What I thought was also good, is if you open a new tab, the JustLocal Search engine is presented at the right, which is pretty convenient. The only problem is Google Chrome does not render this page properly. The tenth item in the search list does not list, or list fully and the option to click additional pages for the search results is not shown. This is the first bug I've seen in Google Chrome. This page is rendered OK with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera (Safari and Opera add too much white space at the bottom of the page), but not with Google Chrome.

Bugs aside, with Google Chrome it is fairly easy to manually add your favourite search engine, which in my case of JustLocal Search.

Happy searching - Kelvin.

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