Friday, August 03, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 lucky for some, but unlucky for many

Microsoft Office 2013 is just around the corner, but this time it comes with a bit of surprise for many.

First if you have Windows XP you won’t be able to install Office 2013. If what I’ve read is correct and you have Windows Vista, you won’t be able to install Office 2013 either. That’s over 50% of Microsoft’s current users.

If you do run an older computer and want to install Office 2013, you’ll need to fork out for an upgrade of the operating system to Windows 8. If you wait until after January 31st 2013 you’ll end up paying full price for the upgrade. Consider upgrading between October 26th and January 31st, or at least purchasing the upgrade during this time for later installation.

But wait, there’s a catch

If your Windows XP computer was built before 2005 there’s a good chance your Pentium 4 computer won’t be able to install Windows 8. By my estimates that will be a problem for perhaps up to 70-100 million Windows XP users.

Microsoft won’t win any friends by neglecting its current users, but of course the retailers will love the sales it generates. I suspect we’ll see a considerable number of disenchanted Microsoft users reconsidering their loyalty and a spike in sales of Apple computers. Microsoft will only have themselves to blame.


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