Friday, November 16, 2012

Skype free unlimited worldwide telephone calls for a month.

Just read on the internet about Skype’s offer of free unlimited calls for a month. This offer can only be redeemed on the 15th of November 2012. It is now after 9am on the 16th in Melbourne Australia so if this offer is valid and applies to Australia, then you need to act quickly.

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You need to subscribe to the service for one month. I’ve found these offers often encourage people to sign up and then they forget so they keep getting charged. Make sure you record the date for the end of the trial or set a reminder in your calendar a day or two before the trial is up if you wish to cancel.

In my case I have $13.02 credit. Don’t know what will happen to this credit. Hopefully I won’t lose it, but since I want to test if this offer is legitimate and works in Australia I’ll take a hit for the team. The amount normally charged for the plan for a month is $13.49.


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UPDATE: Confirmation of free trial by Skype. This appears to be working. Now for a test call. Local call went through with no charge. Successful test. Note. The call quality was good but there was a delay at the start such that the person didn’t hear my introduction when I called them. I heard their response.

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  1. Keep in mind unlimited calls doesn't include mobiles in Australia. Check the details. Some countries include unlimited mobile calls. This is usually based on a call to that country.

    My approach is to make a short call and then check the call log available online. That way you can see if the call cost is included or not, and if not, what sort of charge is involved.



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