Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coles Mastercard offers instant $10 off your Coles Supermarket shop.

I was asked about the $10 off your Coles Supermarket shop offer when using the Coles Mastercard. This is a major benefit that is being promoted but you need to read and understand what the offer is really about. The offer isn’t $10 off, it is $10 off when you redeem 2000 Flybuy points.

Flybuy users already can get $10 off by using Flybuy dollars so the major feature of the Coles Mastercard currently being promoted isn’t that big a deal. The one difference is it would appear you can get the $10 off instantly without having to go to the effort of going online before you shop and converting points to Flybuy dollars.

To me however this major feature of the Coles Mastercard isn’t a particularly good reason to get a Coles Mastercard. Review the features of the card compared to your existing card or another card you are considering and you may or may not find the card to be a better option. I’m not saying the Coles Mastercard isn’t a good card or not, but just that the offer of $10 off instantly (which still requires using 2,000 points) isn’t as good as it first appears because people may mistakenly think it is $10 off without the connection to using 2,000 points. For those who wish to have the convenience of using the points instantly rather than first redeeming a reward online, the convenience alone may be worthwhile.

Kelvin Eldridge
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Update: I was contacted by a member of the Coles team and asked if I could add the website address to make it easier for those interested in a Coles Mastercard. I'm happy to add the link as they've been very helpful and we're happy with the Coles Mastercard and their service.

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