Monday, September 02, 2013

Alert: International Business Times promoting scam advertising - Theresa Andrews, Melissa Johnson.

In May I mentioned the Work At Home scam advertising. Today I was opened an article on International Business Times and as usual two windows pop up. A Facebook like page which is simply annoying. I accept annoying because I'm receiving a free service. There are advertising links all through the pages which again is all part of receiving something for free. However what caught my attention was the pop-up which appears in the background.

Yes it is the same photo of a mother and child I recognised from the previous work-at-home scams. The trouble however is the media site International Business Times is being used as a vehicle to spread scams and that could easily trick some people. In the past I've seen many people have their browser hijacked by clicking on ads even in Google, but now the scammers are getting their material promoted on media sites which is a worry.

If you see an unexpected pop-up even on a legitimate site, you now need to treat them with suspicion.

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