Monday, September 30, 2013

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Since I'd just booked some accommodation I decided to crosscheck the site with another site I use. It turns out the price of the accommodation I checked was slightly more expensive on
If you're looking for accommodation through an online booking site, it only takes a few minutes to check the offers from others online booking sites. A good advertising campaign will get people to check out the site and many will book without checking the other sites. Make sure you look after your interests by checking a number of sites. Also keep in mind add-on costs such as booking fees and/or credit card fees. I let my guard down once with Expedia. Their prices seemed so good compared to, but Wotif included taxes upfront and Expedia gave a total cost and then added the taxes separately. Overall the prices were around the same but I felt tricked with the Expedia approach. That was my fault for not being thorough.

More recently when I booked I used a trick I learnt a while ago. It saved me $47.50 and I don't have to pay most of the money until I reach the hotel. I share the trick for clients in MyAnswers solution 2392, which can be found in the General section of MyAnswers.

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