Friday, September 06, 2013

Jenny Craig Doncaster Target

I noticed an employment advertisement for Jenny Craig at Doncaster Target and thought "what the". I'd never heard of Target having Jenny Craig's services as part of their offering, but checking the internet it does appear to be the case. I suspect most people aren't aware either.

For those who are looking to lose weight but would prefer not to fork out their hard earned money, then check out the Weight Loss Maths site I set up to share how I lose weight when I want to. Really it costs nothing to lose weight. No expensive plans. No expensive diets. In fact it doesn't even have to take much time. I've explained in Weight Loss Maths the maths behind dieting (I've kept it simple and there isn't really much maths involved) so if you want to lose weight, now you can. You might find this hard to believe, but as part of my testing of the maths behind losing weight I deliberately did no additional exercise just to show you can lose weight from dieting alone. Read the articles I share and if one helps you achieve your weight loss goal then I'll consider I've been successful in sharing my knowledge with others.

Visit and save money and time as well as losing weight. Yes the site is free to visit and I don't sell anything. I'm simply sharing what I learnt which helped me to lose 22 kg in the hope that it assists others.

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