Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another waste of taxpayers' money. New lights on Main Street Greensborough

I couldn't believe it today when I walked up Main Street in Greensborough. There is new set of pedestrian lights in a silly location.

Up the hill about 50 to 80 metres is already a set of pedestrian lights at the entrance to the Greensborough Shopping Centre. This is where most of the foot traffic is.

Down the hill again less than 100 metres is another set of lights.

Anyone using the lights ends up simply at a bank.

Buses now have to stop at another set of lights. No wonder buses find it hard to run to schedule and we have to waste money on bus lanes.

Good one to the council or government department that simply wants to keep wasting our money.

A shocking waste of resources. We really do need someone to keep this government in check because they're not spending our taxes wisely.

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