Sunday, January 05, 2014

Microsoft Security Essentials installation error. Cannot complete the Security Essentials Installation. Error code:0x80070643.

I recently repaired a client's computer and had to remove AVG because it was causing Windows 7 to hang on start-up. AVG had been installed because too much time had previously been put in trying to get Microsoft Security Essentials installed. At some point when an issue can't be economically resolved in terms of time you have to fall back to an alternate solution. Now that solution which was AVG had become a problem.

Like most people when I'm researching a problem I check the internet and there are a lot of people in the same situation. None of the solutions people were trying worked for me and many did not work for others either. There really wasn't a solution which I could find which worked. I decided to persist as this problem had occurred a number of times across my clients and a solution would allow me to install Microsoft Security Essentials.

It did take some time but I found a solution. I've listed previous solutions and the current solution in MyAnswers solution 2436. This solution is available to clients for a nominal cost and for those who aren't clients, I charge the equivalent of half an hour of time to become a client and have access to my database of solutions. The aim of MyAnswers is to enable me to document solutions and by using those solutions save clients time in the future which reduces the cost to clients. Clients are welcome to request solutions and use a DIY approach to further save costs if they wish. If a solution doesn't work there is no cost to clients and if it does work, the client saves money for a small outlay for each solution they use.

You can find MyAnswers via my site and also via the convenience link MyAnswers.

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