Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Australian dictionary for Microsoft Office.

The Australian dictionary available in Microsoft Office is often criticised for including American spelling, but what isn’t generally known, is the real problem is the dictionary includes multiple ways to spell the same word, such as organise and organize.

For years I had no clue as to which was the correct spelling and I find most people are in exactly the same situation. It turns out it isn’t so much which is correct, but which is preferred in Australia. If the preferred spelling isn’t used, many people think the American spelling is being used and that the writer can’t spell correctly. For students this can mean a reduction in their marks and for businesses the perceived lower quality of their writing, could lead them to miss out of valuable sales. Often it is the small differences which makes one presentation better than another. Don’t let your spelling be the reason you lose marks, that next sale, or even your dream job.

The solution is very easy and cost effective. I’ve produced an Exclude file you can load into your computer which will mark the secondary spelling of thousands of words as spelling errors, which means you end up using the preferred Australian English spelling without a second thought.

Kelvin Eldridge


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