Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Sunbeam Dreamland electric blanket causes tinkling on the hand and arm.

Recently we purchased a Sunbeam Dreamland electric blanket from Target. We decided to go for a brand name rather than the no brand blankets, as the brand gives a degree of confidence. The Sunbeam electric blanket also had a timer, which is a feature we like.

That night we were lying in bed and I touched my wife's hand. For some reason something didn't feel right. So I gently stroked my finger along her hand. There was a tingling sensation. I then gently stroked her arm with my finger and again there was a tingling sensation. This actually caused some discomfort. I asked my wife to turn her electric blanket off, since it was the only device and wiring near us. When she turned the electric blanket off and I again stroked her hand or arm with my finger, there was no sensation. Turn the electric blanket on again and perform the same test and the tingling sensation was there again.

Somehow the electric blanket was inducing a current between us when the blanket is on, with my side of the electric blanket off.

I've never seen this happen before with any of the electric blankets we've owned over the years. I decided this wasn't right. I don't feel it's safe to have a device that is inducing a current into your body at a level you can easily feel. No level really, but most of the time the levels are so low we wouldn't notice.

At that point it was decided to return the electric blanket. To Target's credit they took the blanket back without a problem.

From now on when we purchase a new electric blanket, the first thing I'll be doing is testing to see if there's any current being induced. I'd suggest perhaps that others may wish to check their electric blanket in the same way.

For those wishing to test their blanket only turn one side on. Then the person on the other side which isn't turned on, is to very lightly move their finger over the hand or lower arm of the person on the blanket. Repeat this with the electric blanket turned off.

I decided to check the internet and found others have also found the tingling sensation. In particular, the comment about half way down this thread by David was about their dual-zone electric blanket. Another person below that had a similar experience. There post is about a person with a laptop, but in these comments there was no computer involved.

On this page another person noted a similar experience.

Kelvin Eldridge

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