Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just when I'd given up on Opera, Opera 10 alpha is released.

I had decided not to release further Australian English dictionaries for Aspell, since Aspell has not been maintained for the Windows environment for years. My main reason for releasing Aspell dictionary files was Opera 9 uses Aspell, but unfortunately the spellcheck implementation isn't very good and thus not worth supporting.

Now Opera 10 alpha has been released and uses the same dictionary file format (Hunspell/Myspell) as the other projects I support, making it much easier to support Opera users. Talk about a back flip.

On the dictionary page you can now find Australian English spellcheck dictionaries for Opera 10 alpha and also the Australian English language user interface file. This makes Opera 10 alpha the most Australianised browser.

Our testing so far indicates that whilst there as some issues in Opera 10 alpha, (it is alpha after all), it is quite stable. This post was created using Opera 10 alpha.

If you love Opera and prefer using Australian English, check out the dictionary page.

- Kelvin

UPDATE: 23 July 2009
Support for Opera has been withdrawn as a result of actions by the company.

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