Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Street maps for Lower Plenty Victoria 3093

How handy is it to have a single page map when you need to pick up or drop off the children?

We decided to create a single page map using Google maps for the streets of Lower Plenty, which places the street you are interested in, in the middle of the page and can be easily printed on a single page.

Some other useful ways to use the maps are: to direct someone to your home for a gathering, perhaps a get together at the Lower Plenty Hotel, a round at the Heidelberg Golf Club or the Rosanna Golf Club, or to have someone pick up the children at the Lower Plenty Primary School. If you are looking for real estate to purchase or rent, a one page map can make things easier.

I'd be interested in finding out if you find a useful way to use the maps.

Alma Street, Amberley Way, Anthony Close, Barongarook Court, Beckett Court, Beleura Grove, Bolton Street, Bonds Road, Byron Avenue, Carisbrook Crescent, Cavanagh Road, Charles Street, Cheval Court, Cheverton Road, Cleveland Avenue, Coral Court, Devon Court, Edwards Street, Gees Court, Geoffrey Court, Glenauburn Road, Gwenda Court, Harcourt Place, Havelock Court, Henty Road, Karafili Way, Keating Court, Kett Street, Lakeside Drive, Lees Road, Leslie Court, Lincoln Drive, Longs Road, Lynwood Crescent, Maida Court, Main Road, Maskell Crescent, Montpelier Drive, Old Eltham Road, Palamino Court, Panorama Avenue, Para Road, Philip Street, Prosperity Road, Rangeview Road, Riverhill Drive, Roseburn Court, Rosehill Road, Sapphire Court, Sidwell Court, Stawell Road, Symes Street, Towyn Close, Tyalla Close, View Road, Woodfull Road, Yardie Court, Yarra Hill Close, Yarrowee Road

Please enjoy.

- Kelvin

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